Most popular chaise designs for 2022

Here are the most popular design elements for chaises throughout your home.

Embracing the eclectic and bohemian styles

The eclectic and bohemian styles can be worked into any setting with the strategic use of a chaise lounge. Placing the chaise by itself in a corner, on an unused wall, on a small patio, or in an oddly shaped unused space is the most popular. This means that it doesn’t need to match any of your other furniture, and it is the perfect opportunity to show your own eclectic tastes without destroying the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

Sculptural in shape and design

Since a chaise works best off by itself, it is the perfect opportunity to show a bit of flair and personality. That doesn’t just mean colors and designs, but also the structure of the chaise itself. Many of today’s chaise lounges are sculptural in nature, meant to be works of art that happen to be a comfortable getaway. Chaises can come in a wide variety of geometric shapes and sizes.

Bold colors and decorative stitching

This is the perfect opportunity to show some of your own personality in a way that doesn’t have to work with any other furniture or décor in the home. Choose your favorite bold colors, prints, or patterns to create a unique piece. For faux leather and some linen chaises, the nail head style may also be available. In addition, you can find chaises that have decorative stitching or embroidery, or you can decorate the chaise with such after purchase if you want something truly unique.

Mini chaises give you more opportunities

If you have a smaller home or a very small unused space, a mini chaise is your best option. These are just as big as their traditionally sized counterparts, but they take up far less space. These chaises are usually of a simpler design so that the seat can be almost as large as a full-sized chaise. Mini chaises are also the perfect option for teenagers wanting their own bit of comfortable flair for their bedroom.

Natural and sustainable materials

Now that action is being taken against environmental change on a global scale, natural and sustainable materials are trending in furniture more than ever before. The most popular natural materials are:

  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Rattan wicker
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Leather
  • Metal

The most sustainable of these materials are bamboo, rattan, and cotton. These plants renew in a short period of time but last much longer. Chaises with metal may be able to be recycled as well.

Author: nohoarts