Monica Lloyd: Like rock be formed. Like rock be patient.

Monica Lloyd: Like rock be formed. Like rock be patient.

I don’t usually do an artist spotlight, but Monica Lloyd caught my attention at the Conception arts show on February 8, 2018 at Iron Triangle.

Monica Lloyd is a fresh Angeleno transplant from Michigan whose work has promise for future solo exhibitions. Humble but confident, Lloyd combines the detail and energy of nature in her work that LA is missing but longs for – both in terms of city space and presentation.

Lloyd draws inspiration for her collection from the resistance, growth, and evolution in nature.

While political parallels can be drawn, Lloyd emphasizes individual focus and gradual, assured change. While these themes can be extended to current societal needs, Lloyd draws from her own life and her intent isn’t to preach. Regardless, her work (and the intent behind her work) does bring a sense of peace many people are missing in their lives today. Lloyd aspires, “I hope this work provides a quiet space for one to wonder and wander.

In her own life, Lloyd acknowledges that growth may seem slow when growth is placed under a microscope.

Gradually, however, growth inches along one day at a time. Lloyd reminds us that, in retrospect, we can look back and see the rolling expanse of change within our own, textured life stories.

“There are patterns that occur throughout time and are part of a cycle that never seems to end. This cycle moves and shifts in unexpected directions, but ends up repeating itself in a variety of ways, and throughout time. These patterns exist infinitely, on a massive, sweeping scale, as well as on a smaller, more intimate, and even microscopic scale. We see a process occurring, with themes of creation, growth, evolution, destruction, and death. These are all events that happen repeatedly over time within the universe, and in the lives and bodies of all living beings, large and small. The same way that matter is made up of infinite atoms, every human life is made up of thousands/millions of tiny moments. We are shaped by the compilation of moments we’ve experienced, and by the struggles we’ve pushed through.” -Monica Lloyd

Lloyd produces the thoughtful artwork I appreciate, and that nascent artists frequently speed past in their quest for relevance. Obvious hours go into creating the intricate pieces Lloyd produces, and Lloyd’s devotion of time is apparent when you step close to her work.

Bridging the gap between space and energy, and people and nature, Lloyd expresses, “It…seems that the closer we look, and the deeper we move, we come to realize the profound similarities we have with each other, and with nature.”

Artist:                                     Monica Lloyd


Past Local Exhibition:          02/08/2018 Conception Arts show

Iron Triangle

1581 Industrial Street

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Social Media:                         @monica_lloyd_studio

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