Mixing Metals; the Chemistry of Design

Mixing Metals; the Chemistry of Design

For years you’ve been told you can’t mix your metal finishes. Either all gold tones or all silver tones. But that has changed over the recent years.

Throughout my sourcing for clients, I’ve seen the changing trend of mixing finishes. Not just with the gold and silvers, but with bronze as well. While this may not be for everyone it can work well and open up a whole new world for design.

When designing with metal accents, chose one tone for the main theme of the room. If working on a kitchen space start with you main items; appliances, lighting and fixtures. Today’s trend is still using stainless steel appliance alongside your chrome or nickel fixtures. You can easily incorporate a gold or brass accent by adding copper pots hanging from a center rack or even finding cabinet hardware that has a mix of metals.

Your powder room or even main bath can also easily handle the same mixture. Adding a gold framed mirror over the vanity, silver toned fixtures coupled with counter accessories which encompasses one or both finishes will complete the updated look.

When working on other areas such as the living and dining rooms, it may be a bit easier. Frames, mirrors, candle sticks and even fabrics are a great and easy way to incorporate the rich metal tones.