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Misconceptions about Hiring Professional Movers in San Francisco

Moving is a daunting task that requires a lot of planning and a lot of hard work to execute and complete the whole task successfully. Moving companies makes this task easy and stress-free, but there are many misconceptions about moving companies due to which a lot of people do not hire them and decide to do everything on their own.

In this article, we will be discussing some of these misconceptions and, for more information, you can visit SF Movers.

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Let’s read the very common myths about movers and see if they are in reality or not.

Hiring movers is a costly affair

Hiring movers can be a costly deal and as already so many costs are involved in the moving process, and you would want to cut the costs. However, not hiring professional movers won’t help you much.

The cost of hiring a truck, and arranging for other packing equipment and supplies, and your time and energy will also be needed. So the cost of hiring movers and doing it by yourself shall cost you more or less the same amount.

Movers are unorganized

Many people are haunted by the picture of unorganized cardboard boxes lying unattended in their house, and the house being a complete mess. However, it requires proper planning and execution if you don’t want boxes scattered in your house. For instance, packing things of the same room or same category in the same box, labeling the box, prior decision as what gets packed and loaded and what has to be left behind makes the process quite easier and simpler. Professional movers who have years of experience in this field can assist you and things can be managed without any mess.

All movers provide the same services

A very common myth about moving companies is that they provide the same services. What you get in return for the money you paid would differ according to the company. Some very common grounds on which companies can differ include quality of the services, the reputation of the firm, reliability, and pricing. For instance, for a long-distance, you can’t hire movers who have dealt only in short distances moves. So while hiring movers, it is important to gather all the necessary information like their previous moves, customer feedback, insurance details, pricing, etc. In short, do your research properly before hiring movers.

Movers can break my items

Many people are afraid of hiring movers as they think that the movers will break their items, especially their valuable items. But this is not the truth. Professional movers will take proper care of your items and they know how to handle, pack, and load each item with minimum damage.

Moreover, you should take responsibility for your items. For instance, telling the team in advance about the items they need to be careful about, and the items that are not loaded in the truck will assist them as well and such accidents would be avoided.

It’s best to move on Friday

There is one more misconception famous among people that they should move on Friday or Friday is the best day to move. Reason being that after Friday, the weekend is there so they can arrange everything in their house and take proper rest. But you must know that if you think like this, then along with you almost all the people think the same way. Therefore, if you move on a Friday then maximum movers would be booked in advance and you might have to pay extra to hire them. So plan your move on any other day of the week and in the off-peak season. Moreover, book movers well in advance to avoid any unavoidable circumstances.

Any box can be used for packing

You need strong boxes for packing your items. Weak or fragile boxes won’t be the right fit. If you pack your items in boxes that are not sturdy then your belongings might break during the transit. So be very careful while collecting boxes for packing.

Items are often displaced or damaged

Movers take proper care of your items, they pack them properly and use proper packing supplies to make sure that no items are damaged during transit. But some circumstances cannot be avoided and accidents might happen. Explore the insurance packages so all the damage is covered in the cost. Moreover, moving companies only cover some part of the cost of each item, for expensive items like jewellery, TV, antique items you may have to pay an extra fee to get maximum coverage of these items.

Review the policies and understand them before buying them. And ask your queries freely.

Labeling boxes is not important

You might think that labeling boxes is not important and this task is time-taking, but if you did it then a lot of things can become easy for you. You can use labels of different colors for boxes of distinct locations. Like labeling bathroom boxes with pink labels and putting the same colored sheet in the bathroom so movers can keep the boxes in the right place. You can also make an inventory of all the items in the boxes, especially the important or expensive ones to keep a record of everything. In this way, the items won’t be lost as well.

Moving is stressful

People usually think that moving is a hectic task. But this is just a myth. The reality is that if you plan everything properly, and execute it in the right way, then you can have a stressless move.

Hiring professional movers can relieve your stress and everything is done smoothly as they have years of experience and tasks like moving furniture and other heavy items must be handed over to movers.