Michelle Creber “Haunted House” Single Release

This is quite a remarkable single from Michelle Greber’s debut album, “On Display,” released last year.

It showcases her impressive voice, crystal clear and full of emotion, soulful with an enormous range. She can really hit those huge high notes!

She sings like a cross between Pink and Lady Gaga, with a whole lot of Broadway show.  The song is really catchy, not at all your classic commercial top 20 stuff, much more memorable than that, much more timeless.

Michelle is an actress and it certainly comes through in her dramatic and acrobatic vocal delivery.  “Haunted House” is a gorgeous, entertaining and beautifully written song.  It feels like a solo for the heroine of a big musical, the song that reminds her of her own strength just when she really needs it the most. Gorgeous production, well crafted, meaningful and purposeful.  The lyrics excellent, heartfelt and very very clever. I loved it frankly!


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