Michael P Cullen’s “Do You Believe” (La Defense Remix)

Isn’t it amazing how music can transport us through time to who we used to be?

This remix by timEbandit Powles (Tim Powles – famed NZ born, Australian based producer and longtime member of Australian space rock veterans, The Church) is his twist on Trip Hop, meeting the dark and moody, dusty-deep vocals of the poetic post-punk Cullen head on.  The smatterings of 80s synth and choppy beats underpin the mournful story of loss and longing.  But there’s life in this song, hope even. Hidden in the sweetness of the lyrics, a battle cry for those of us that still believe in love, even with our secular tendency for syncism and prickly candor as our happy resting pulse.

Blissful memories of early New Order and Depeche Mode with a twist of pre-icon Morrissey and a dash of David Byrne.  All those long ago gloomy halls filled with sweaty teenagers swaying to songs that really meant something to us.  This song takes me right back to that place…in the best possible way.

Michael Cullen is a deeply Australian musician with a penchant for Americana and Noir.  His music seems reverential, almost hymn like in its honesty.  Clanging out his message like a beatnik playing with Evis, he demands attention.  This remix might bring him a slightly different audience but there’s no escaping his Gothic heart…gorgeous.

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“Do You Believe (La Defense Remix)”

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Release Info

Artist Name Michael P Cullen

Location Sydney, Australia

Release Name Do You Believe (La Defense Remix)

Release Date July 27, 2018


Producer Michael P Cullen & timEbandit

Track List

  1. Do You Believe (La Defense Remix)


Michael P Cullen – vocals. guitar. bass

timEbandit Powles – drums, percussion, vocals (Tim is a long time member of legendary Australian band The Church)

Styles Triphop, Gothic, Electronica,

Similar To New Order, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen