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Metro Micro Comes to NoHo

Say Hello to Metro Micro! LA Metro recently launched this new rideshare service in the North Hollywood/Burbank community and it’s providing a flexible transit alternative for just $1 per ride.

The new service was launched in five zones beginning in December 2020 and the service will launch in four more zones in the summer and fall. Metro Micro currently operates in the communities of Watts/Willowbrook, LAX/Inglewood, Compton, El Monte, and North Hollywood/Burbank.

The North Hollywood/Burbank zone launched in January and serves the entire North Hollywood Arts District area as well as other key destinations in the community, including North Hollywood High School, Kaiser Permanente North Hollywood, Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station, Bob Hope Airport Metrolink Station and the North Hollywood B Line (Red)/G Line (Orange) Station. 

The new service is part of a three-year pilot program that employs professionally trained Metro employees to provide on-demand shared rides in smaller format vehicles. 

How to use Metro Micro:

It’s easy! Simply download the app onto your Android or Apple device, create a profile, connect payment information and book your first ride. To find the app, open your app store and search “Metro Micro.” Metro Micro also offers users the ability to pay with their TAP card or credit card (no cash). If you do not have access to a smartphone, no problem! You can dial 323.GO.METRO (323.466.3876) or visit metro.net/micro to book a ride. 

Download the Metro Micro app.
Download the Metro Micro app.

Integration with Metro bus and rail system:

Metro Micro is meant to serve as an affordable first/last mile transit option for Los Angeles commuters. This new rideshare service connects riders from bus or rail service to their destination without having to take multiple transfers on Metro or municipal bus lines. Customers are able to book trips anywhere in each service zone to any other location within that zone.

Metro Micro is LA Metro's new rideshare service in the North Hollywood/Burbank area that provides a transit alternative for just $1 per ride.
Metro Micro North Hollywood/Burbank service area map


Metro Micro has an introductory cost $1 per ride during the first 6-months of its launch. Following this introductory fare period, the Metro Board of Directors will decide on what the fare will be moving forward. The future fare will also include a transfer to the Metro bus and rail system.

Ease of use:

Metro Micro offers more convenient ways to book a ride than most other rideshare or MicroTransit services in the Los Angeles area. In addition to the mobile application you can download for an Android or Apple iPhone, Metro Micro allows users to call and book rides or use the Metro Micro booking website. The smart phone app and website offer mapping and routing information as well as live updates for when your ride will arrive. The maximum wait time with Metro Micro will be 15 minutes.


Metro Micro will provide accessibility options for customers with disabilities or special needs. The app and website will allow riders to request vehicles with bicycle, wheelchair spaces and other ADA accommodations.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact the Micro team via email at micro@metro.net. For zone information, maps and other service information, please visit metro.net/micro.

Metro Micro is LA Metro's new rideshare service.
Metro Micro is LA Metro’s new rideshare service.

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