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Men’s Style Tips: How to Increase the Chances of a Second Date

Men’s Style Tips: How to Increase the Chances of a Second Date

You have to face the music, plain and simple: most women veer towards men who can dress well. You might be thinking that as long as you’re comfortable with the clothes you wear – looking decent and being interesting is enough to score a follow-up date – then you’re good. Truth is, thousands of single ladies out there expect and even demand you – her date – to have a style philosophy like Barney Stinson’s, with a Ted Mosby heart. So all in all, ‘decent’ just won’t cut it.

There are tons of common misconceptions about men’s fashion. As a matter of fact, Nicharry compiled a list talking about the subject and how to avoid these mild style disasters. Yes, comfort should always be one of the focal points in fashion, but there are still certain aesthetic rules you need to comply with, one of which is looking at the finer details of your overall look.

By now you’ve probably put a lot of thought into the basics of what to wear on formal dates, casual events, and all the scenarios in between. However, understanding the innermost details of men’s fashion usually makes or breaks your chances with the girl. Below are some trivially significant rules to follow that will increase your chances for that coveted second date.


A lot of men prefer stripped dress shirts, as it presents a slimming illusion. It’s not bad at all to pick these designs, especially for larger guys who want to embrace their features. For a specific assessment, big and tall men’s clothing brand, KingSize Direct gauges these shirt measurements from large to 6XL. As a viable alternative for striped shirts, you can opt for a simple polo shirt with subtle patterns that go well with a sleek sport jacket. Also, be sure to tuck your shirt in for a more refined look.


Most men see khakis as the fine line between a more casual pair of jeans and smarter dress pants. In short, they think of it as the safest bet amongst the two. Here’s where they are wrong according to highbrow fashion experts. An esteemed men’s fashion director says that khakis reflect a basic workplace, and that jeans will always be perfectly acceptable in any dating scenario.

Now onto the finer details of your outfit: the essentials. Shoes, whether wingtips or sneakers, cap toes or boots, they should always be clean. Polish and/or remove any unwanted stains, dirt, or markings on the sides and bottoms of them. Remember: a man who knows how to take care of his shoes is also detail-oriented in other aspects of his life. In terms of socks, leave the white ones for the gym and go for fun, unique patterns that – in a way – stand out a little. These tiny details go a long way when it comes to completing a fantastic look and strengthening the odds of bagging that second date.