Matt Gondek’s “RATS”

Matt Gondek’s “RATS” at Avenue des Arts is on exhibit through September 11, 2021.
Matt Gondek’s “RATS” at Avenue des Arts. Images taken by @lukeyphotography.

Matt Gondek’s “RATS” at Avenue des Arts is on exhibit through September 11, 2021.

Dimitri Lorin’s Avenue des Arts Gallery and Advisory is a contemporary art gallery that bridges East with West, and hosts a platform for artists from both geographies to showcase their works. Lorin has held the company since 2013 and brought to the forefront urban and contemporary artists from a variety of media backgrounds. The DTLA space for Avenue des Arts, however, has been open since 2017 and boasts an expansive 6,500-square-foot footprint.

Avenue des Arts sports Matt Gondek’s “RATS,” his first exhibition where he centralized a character and thematically held that singular character as the focal point. Gondek has exhibited solo domestically (across Los Angeles, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York), as well as internationally in China and France. Formerly a graphic illustrator, Gondek has carried his craft into deconstructive pop art. Gondek is no stranger to bringing us nostalgic pop icons with a twist. From Goku to Spongebob to the Simpsons, “RATS” gives us a very familiar main focal point.

Also, Matt Gondek’s “RATS “boasts collaboration with Maker’s Place, a volunteer-led organization from Australia which emphasizes and supports creativity, as well as Pop Inked, a hand-pulled screen print specialty house.

But, Avenue des Arts offers not only multiples of Gondek’s deconstructed pop artwork, they likewise sells NFTs! The hum of interest around Gondek’s “RATS” exhibition was apparent in the line wrapping around the building on the opening night. With NFTs hot and accessible, Gondek’s work has multiple platforms for all interested in viewing (or purchasing).


Matt Gondek’s “RATS” at by Matt Gondek Avenue des Arts                    


Avenue des Arts
807 S. Los Angeles St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90014


August 14 – September 11

Tues – Fri 11am to 7pm

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