Marty Thompson “My Kind of Woman” Album Release

This album is pretty experimental, in a cool, Southern Rock way.

With a crazy mix of post punk rock and synth based 80s XTC-style societal commentary, it mixes genres, styles, attitudes and even keys and scales with a rather refreshing indie vibe.

Marty Thompson hails from Texas and was a massive classic and psychedelic rock fan from the cradle.  He certainly shows a clear path from Zeppelin, Floyd, ZZ Top and the Beatles to this album.  The lyrics are sparse and simplified, yet meaningful and cleverly chosen.

The production is pure, almost live-like in places, which really suits this kind of old school, no apologies retro rock.  Thompson took tracks that in some ways feel like they should be on totally different albums and put them together on “My Kind of Woman,” the title track of which is a totally kickback, turn up the sound, roll down the windows, drive down country lanes kind of song.  But the mix works somehow…it feels like his own special kind of mix tape.

Thompson treads lightly on the reverence to his influences and heavy on the guitar solos. And it all seems to make sense, and this wild trip back to his roots feels familial and real and authentic.  Not for everyone!  But it’s honest, thoughtful and totally rockin’.

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Acoustic Guitars – Marty Thompson

Electric Guitars – Marty Thompson

Basses – Marty Thompson

Keyboards & Synthesizers – Marty Thompson

Vocals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 – Marty Thompson

Latin Percussion – Marty Thompson

Samples – Marty Thompson

Drums – Eric Warwick