Maria Z. Grooves Pitfire on Thursdays

So this happened. It was a treat. This is why we love the NoHo Arts District!

After a blazing day in Los Angeles, we’re spending the evening at Pitfire in North Hollywood. The patio is buzzing with people, we can smell the deliciously cooked Italian food, and while we’re enjoying our first sips of a crisp Pinot Grigio, we’re listening to a beautiful voice singing along to acoustic music. Maria Zouroudis is performing covers and original songs and every person at the NoHo restaurant is enchanted. (Our table of course is dancing.) This is a perfect way to spend our Thursday evening. The singer does not only charm her audience at Pitfire with her talent, (and fun song selection) she is also otherwise rather busy. We had the chance to ask her some questions and find out more about her and what she gets up to.


How do you pick the songs when you perform at Pitfire?

I like to have a diverse repertoire so I usually sing a mixture of classic oldies, my favorite 90’s (because who doesn’t love singing along to a 90’s record) and whatever is currently on the radio that I’m into. I also sing my own music and lately I’ve been taking freshly written songs from the studio and throwing them in the mix for fun!

What do you like about the NoHo Arts District?

The energy! It’s lit with creativity in every corner. You’ll always find someone rehearsing a dance routine, having a photoshoot or running ideas over coffee. For that, and for the fact that everything is so close and cozy, it feels like home. Everything is walking distance and I like that it’s far enough from the crazy streets of Hollywood. It’s peaceful and there’s always something fun to do.

When have you started singing and decided to pursue a singing career?

I started singing when I was four and even entered myself in my first grade talent show. My career really began though when myspace music started. I learned how to record myself and by the time youtube rolled around I was editing my own videos, performing and writing for other artists.

Have you produced songs?

Yes! I have a lot of material online. But the music I’m working on at the moment feels like the most authentic thing I’ve worked on yet. The lyrics are honest and true to my experiences and the style is an Urban/Pop/Soul with a bit of a 90’s vibe.

What inspires your music?

Words left unsaid, bittersweet relationships. I use my music as therapy and as my journal so my authentic self drives it all from lyrics to melodies. It’s usually a specific feeling that I know I need to get out and hopefully that feeling will resonate with and accompany others in something they feel too, but never quite knew how to explain.


What are you currently working on?

I’m just working on songs I love! If I don’t love it, I move on. I was going to release an EP project, but I decided to just release singles as they’re completed on my soundcloud and youtube channels. I’m also in the studio as a writer for other recording artists here in the U.S. as well as internationally in the Korean KPOP market.

Maria is at Pitfire every Thursday evening where she performs with her powerful and heart-felt voice and makes an already wonderful evening even better! Seeing as she is working hard, we for one can’t wait to see what she has in store for us and can’t get enough of her voice!
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