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Make Someone’s Day with a Thoughtful, Thinking of You Gift

Maybe your close, trusted friend is going through a stressful time in life. Or, perhaps your second cousin, to whom you haven’t spoken in years and would love to reconnect with, in real time, is struggling with a long-hauling illness.  

You feel the need to lift the spirits of this valued friend, or family member, in a meaningful way. Friends and family are priceless.  A gift is the perfect way to simply say “I’m thinking of you,” and demonstrate that you are grateful that this person is in your life. Whatever your reason for thinking of someone, there is a beautiful gift available to express sincere and empathic feelings. It doesn’t have to be grand, as long as the gift conveys the message that you are concerned for them, and wishing them well.

Thinking of You Gift Baskets

Gift baskets rank exceedingly high on the list of gifts people would choose for themselves. So, why not send one along to make someone’s day? BroadwayBasketeers.com offers an incredible variety of Thinking of You Gift Baskets. Each one is filled with pleasures for all of the senses. As a well-respected, renowned supplier, their gift offerings are unique, and varied for every gift-giving occasion.  You are sure to find exactly what you have in mind.

Impressions Gift Basket – A beautiful basked filled to the rim with a sweet and savory selections of treats, including Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle – Salted Caramel, cappuccino chocolate chip cookies, Sorrento Hot Cocoa, and hazelnut filled wafer rolls, just to get started! You are sure to make a positive impression on anyone you gift with this tasting delight. 

Deluxe Gourmet Brownie & Cookie Gift Basket – Even the name of this gift basket sounds tempting. Pieces upon pieces of large peanut butter brownies, Oatmeal raisin cookies, butterscotch cookies, chocolate ganache brownies, chocolate chunk blondies, are just the beginning layer of this seemingly endless basket of the most delectable confections.

Gift Tower Deluxe – Did someone say impressive? This stack of exquisite boxes reaches high and speaks volumes. Boasting Lindt Chocolate Truffles, cinnamon yogurt pretzels, assorted milk toffees, and milk chocolate Bavarian pretzels, and other gourmet treats, you can count on this gift tower to undeniably express your support, encouragement, and adoration.

Towering Heights Thinking of You Gift Tower – Gold speckled boxes wrapped in lush organza, are home to items such as gourmet caramel popcorn, French aApple crisp cookies, chocolate s’mores pretzels, and even more. What better way to say, “I’m thinking of you” than a tower of treats bursting with deliciousness?

Merlot Wine Basket – What goes best with Merlot wine? Just about any sweet or savory nugget of goodness, and this basket has a grand assortment of them. Cashew Roca Butter Crunch, milk chocolate Bavarian Pretzel, Asher’s Chocolate Caramels, Pirouline Chocolate Wafer Rolls, and sweet and savory snack mix are all just the beginning of this almost unending tower, that will satisfy nearly any craving.

Sentimental Gifts

Whether the one you are missing is near or far, sending a sentimental gift will help them feel like part of your clan, and will nurture the connection the two of you share.

Homesick Candle – Is your child away at college? Did your friend relocate to another state because of her job? Sending the Homesick Candle, available in all 50 states, will help them feel remembered, connected, and loved.

Wooden Music Box –  Musical sound is a peculiar venue which stimulates our memories to spring back to mind when we least expect it. Send the gift of a wooden music box with a favorite tune to keep memories and gratitude alive.

Wind Chimes – These glorious players of the wind, and wood or metal, are bound to be appreciated for years to come. You can get your chimes personalized with a special name, or date, to level up the personalization of this offering. You can also choose from different colors, themes, songs, and materials.  The sounds created will sooth, and calm the recipient, for years to come.

Friendship Lamps – Start with two lamps, and keep going to include friends and family, and as many people as you would like to welcome into your Friendship Lamp network. When the lamp is touched, it lights up in a specific color, for you, in others’ homes. A soundless vibe, this lamp is sent to convey a simple hello, an “I love you,” or an “I am missing you.”

Scrapbook – There’s nothing like a good scrapbook to evoke memories of cherished times gone by. Whether you create your own by hand, or craft one online, giving the thoughtful gift of a scrapbook, is an inspired way to tell someone that you are thinking of them, and wishing them well.

Being accepted for who you are is the essence of friendship. When you reach out, after a long drought of interaction, or just because you miss someone, or know that they are going through a rough time; you strengthen the bond of friendship, and give them the priceless gift of true belonging and acceptance.