Make Mom Happy With These Fast and Easy Mother’s Day Decorations

Make Mom Happy With These Fast and Easy Mother's Day Decorations

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and to celebrate the love and devotions our Moms have given us over the years, we need to give it our all for her special day. We usually show our appreciation with beautiful red or pink roses, breakfast in bed, and a chosen gift but, don’t forget about the decorations. Handmade decor will make this coming Mother’s Day memorable.

Dolly Bouquet

Flowers are a must at any Mother’s Day get-together, and with large sales on Mother’s Day flowers, you can expect to find bouquets become that much more affordable. Placing flowers in a vase is standard, but you can spruce up and hide stems by wrapping a doily around the bouquet. Use different colors like blue, pink, or purple to represent different party guests. Make sure the pedals are sticking out from the dolly. Carefully wrap a lighter-colored bow around the middle and lace the string in one of the holes on the dolly to keep them together.

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Pom-poms are cute and feminine, especially if they’re made out of colored tissue paper. It’s best to make your tissue paper pom-poms stand out as accents to your decor, so be sure to match these decorations with other smaller table accents. Simply fold a sheet of paper multiple times, then tie them together in the middle. Cut the ends, pull apart the paper and hang with wire. Martha Stewart has an easy-to-use tutorial that helps you create tissue paper pom-poms in 3-minutes. Make as many as you like, and switch between size and color for variety.

Cake or Cupcake Toppers

Cakes and cupcakes can look bare without a little something extra. All you need is a wooden stick and some construction paper to make something incredible; just be sure the decoration is high up enough that it doesn’t steal any icing. Draw and cut out stars, hearts, a heartfelt message, or a banner and glue it to the back of your stick with a glue gun once you’re done. If you want to go above and beyond, add glitter, extra layers, candles, or paper flowers. 

Balloon Arch

Balloons are always welcome at any party because they’re fun, come in different colors, and inexpensive. You may need at least 100 balloons to create and finish an arch, so either rent a helium canister, buy a pump or ask a friend to help. Since these balloons don’t have to float, a balloon filler is another excellent option. Once all the balloons are filled, cut holes in a long line or sturdy plastic and insert the stems inside. To keep the balloon arch hanging sturdy, use hooks and twine for a wall mount or metal twine for an outdoor party with little wind.

Custom Tablecloth with White Kraft Paper

If you don’t have a tablecloth big enough to fit a long table, or you just want something that works with your party theme, purchase white kraft paper. With white kraft paper, you can draw hearts, spell “Happy Mother’s Day or paint a marbled design that looks ritzy. You can even use it to wrap gifts, dress long-stemmed flowers or write a sign. However, if you know you have many creative people RSVPing, leave it blank and hand out crayons or pens to the guests. At the end of the night, your Mom could have something that reminds her of the party years later.

Crepe Paper or Lettered Garlands

Garlands are usually a spiral arrangement of flowers or leaves, but the definition has expanded to include paper stationery. For example, many classrooms will use a garland to welcome back their students. For Mother’s Day, you can create a custom lettered garland that says “Happy Mother’s Day,” “Party,” or any message you want, but keep your Mom’s preferences in mind. As an alternative, you could cut twisty streamers and hang them vertically.