Make a Living and an Impact with Your Solo Show

Make a Living and an Impact with Your Solo Show
Make a Living and an Impact with Your Solo Show

How to make a living and an impact with your solo show? Through Edutainment.

“Good education has got to be good entertainment.” -Nicholas Negroponte

Nearly two decades ago, I was living in New York City and regularly performing my first solo show “Oblivious to Everyone” Off-Broadway while pursuing a career in film and television. I recall stepping into the busy and buzzing theatre lobby after one of my performances to chat with the appreciative audience.

As I enjoyed post-show banter with the theater goers, I was approached by a college professor with an interesting proposal. 

Thomas taught at Berkeley College in New Jersey and he wanted me to come to his college to perform my show and lead a workshop on how to create a solo show for his students, and he was happy to pay me for this opportunity.

While I was flattered that he found my show to be both entertaining and educational, this invitation was not part of my “plan” for my creative career. I was an actor for film, tv, and traditional theatre. I had never considered performing my show at a school, let alone try to teach anyone how to do what I did on stage as a solo performer.

Could I really step into the role of a teacher even for just one day? Did my solo show truly have educational value the way Thomas said it did? Would the themes of sexism, racism, homophobia and media influence that I explored in my solo show be too much for a college audience? Would performing at schools take me off track of achieving my true industry goals?

Luckily, despite my long list of questions, personal unworthiness and general skepticism, I still accepted this proposition and it would change the trajectory of my professional life forever.

I discovered the world of campus entertainment

Performing at Berkeley was a truly wonderful experience. They resonated deeply with the issues presented in my show. I also had wonderful, in-depth discussions with the students after the show. They earnestly picked my brain for creative career tips and I ultimately felt such fulfillment knowing that I was being of service to them. 

I also discovered that I am, in fact, a teacher. When I put my limiting beliefs to the side and actually thought through how and why I constructed “Oblivious to Everyone,” I was able to articulate the steps I’d taken to put my solo show together. This information empowered them to do the same with tangible directions.

It was a profound experience and it paved the way for me to tour colleges and universities as a performer and guest teacher for the next 13 years. Not too shabby.

Have you ever considered that perhaps your one-person play has the potential to edutain people, too? 

And no, I did not make that word up. Edutainment is a real thing, people. Not only is it a real thing, edutainment is a lucrative and impactful art form which combines education and entertainment. One of the best places to share this artform and make a living with your solo show is the college market.

So, in today’s blog, I am going to offer you some tips for getting into the edutainment line of work and discovering all it has to offer.

Build Your Solo Theatre Resume

When Thomas invited me to perform and teach at Berkeley, I had already been performing my solo show for at least a year. I had workshopped it, collaborated with a director,  performed in a slew of festivals, received some press coverage, captured video and photography of the show, and felt confident in it as a solid piece of Solo Theatre.

That said, if you are at the beginning stages of your solo career, before you consider approaching the competitive college market, you may want to build your solo theatre resume a bit more to ensure that you are offering these schools the very best version of your show possible.

Getting involved in the festival circuit, producing an independent run, or seeking out other performance opportunities with your solo show can be a great way to really hone your craft as a solo artist before trying to sell it to schools.

Create a Sensational Solo Package

As I mentioned, Thomas did not just want me to perform my show, he also wanted me to work with the students to help them imagine a solo show for themselves. 

Many schools will want you to present them with a “package” that includes your show, a talkback or Q&A with the students, and possibly an educational workshop or lecture.

When you look at your personal set of skills and reflect upon how and why you created your one-person play, what tools and tips can you uniquely offer to college students? 

Perhaps your show infuses poetry and music and therefore leading a poetry and music workshop could be your offering alongside your solo show. 

Maybe you are an incredibly gifted writer and you can host a creative writing workshop for the students to help them find their voice.

Perhaps you grapple with important themes of our times and you can lead a lecture or discussion after your show to discuss and unpack these topics a bit more.

Whatever expertise or insights you possess, start thinking about how you can incorporate these things into a “package” that you offer to schools to provide a well-rounded edutainment experience.

Find a College Booking Agent

I don’t know about you, but I had no clue that there were actually agents that specialize in booking talent for colleges, universities, conferences and conventions. While I had my film and television representation, finding a college booking agent was all new territory for me.

So, I worked diligently to compile all of my materials into an electronic press kit. I then pursued an agent and was ultimately successful in finding one. Having an agent means that you are sharing your performance stipend with your management, however it was well worth it to me in order to have professionals who could negotiate higher rates for me, navigate contracts, and ultimately connect me to campuses I would never have met otherwise.

If you don’t want to go down this campus entertainment road alone, then start doing your research to uncover which agency might be the right fit for you. Let Google be your guide or simply contact me and I will share some of my favorite agents.

Showcase at Campus Entertainment Conferences

Another advantageous move I made was attending various campus entertainment conferences nationwide. Organizations such as APCA,  the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities, and NACA, the National Association for Campus Activities, allow artists of all kinds to showcase and network with students, faculty and staff at various schools all around the country. 

While my agent was the coordinator of my participation in these conferences, you can still attend as an individual and represent yourself. 

These types of events are a fabulous way to get your name out there as a campus entertainer and build a career for yourself that allows you to make a living and an impact with your solo show.

Even though I never expected to share my solo show on the stages of schools nationwide, I am so glad that I accepted that unexpected invitation from Thomas to step into the world of campus entertainment. I would not be doing what I am honored to do today, getting to teach hundreds of solo artists from all around the world how to write and perform their one person plays had I not said yes to that purposeful proposal nearly 20 years ago.

Hopefully, today’s blog will illuminate new possibilities for you as a solo artist in the world of Edutainment and guide you along your own solo journey.

Jessica Lynn Johnson
Founder and CEO of Soaring Solo LLC

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Jessica Lynn Johnson
Author: Jessica Lynn Johnson

Jessica Lynn Johnson (Director and Developer) is a published playwright, recipient of BEST NATIONAL SOLO ARTIST AWARD, Advisory Board Member of the LA Women's Theatre Festival, and Founder and CEO of Soaring Solo LLC. Jessica has aided in the development of over 150 solo shows (and is still going strong)! As a performer, Jessica has “edu-tained” international audiences touring her own one person shows ZE and OBLIVIOUS TO EVERYONE for over 15 years. Jessica's projects have taken home awards such as TOP OF FRINGE, HFF ENCORE PRODUCER AWARDS, TVOLUTION BEST SOLO PERFORMANCE, LARRY CORNWALL AWARD FOR MUSICAL EXCELLENCE & several other accolades! Jessica was also nominated for the Female Director of Distinction in Theatre by Girl Trip LLC at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival.