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Maintaining Great Results After Your Cosmetic Surgery

Maintaining Great Results After Your Cosmetic Surgery

Undergoing a cosmetic surgery is, literally speaking, an investment into improving your appearance and increasing confidence as the results take shape. It’s also an investment in terms of energy and time, and you need to ensure that the efforts you’ve put in pay off. While cosmetic surgical procedures have high patient satisfaction rates (with results you’ll be thrilled about for years to come), it’s critical you understand that the results require some form of upkeep to stay in shape – and nothing can really stop the effects of genetics, your lifestyle and aging.

The best news is that there are things you can do to successfully maintain your results for years. Here are a few things worth considering, maximizing on your surgery outcomes.

Good Skin Practice

After you’ve had your procedure, proper skin care makes a huge difference in scarring. As time passes by, adopting a great skin care regimen will help make your results look just as good, if not better than ever.


Scarring is a necessary part of most surgeries and surgeons will take care to place incisions where they are hidden, ensuring that they heal optimally and vanish nicely over time is partly in your hands – these includes procedures like breast lifts (you can find more information at www.lvcosmeticsurgery.com/breast-lift-surgery). First, you have to follow postoperative activity restrictions as described by the surgeon. Second, ensure you protect the incisions from the sun, while keeping the area clean and use scar care ointments and creams recommended.

If you have just had a facial procedure, the exact medical-grade skin care products will help maintain and enhance the cosmetic surgery results. Proper skin care is so critical that surgeons have an aesthetician as part of the team that guides you to using the right products for your skin. Even if you already follow a skin care regime, ask about the products and find out if there’s anything you need to adjust.

Adopt Healthy Habits

What you put on the outside and into your body affects your surgical results and has a big impact in your overall health. For example, many cosmetic surgeons recommend that their patients quit smoking at least a couple of weeks before and after a procedure. Nicotine has a huge impact on how your body heals, and may result in prolonged recovery times and possible complications that lead to bleeding, pain and even more visible scarring.

Another pitfall you will need to avoid is excessive alcohol consumption. You need to be honest with your surgeon and tell him or her how much you drink, if you smoke, and medications you are taking, including vitamins or supplements that you use externally and internally. Your doctor will tell you the best steps to prepare for your procedure as what you should avoid for optimal results.

Regular Exercise and Healthy Diet


Body contour procedures transform your curves, offering you a more proportionate and pleasing look. The results are magical – seemingly – but they will only last as long as you keep to a healthy weight. For example, fat removing procedures like liposuction permanently get rid of targeted fat cells, but once you gain weight, you will see it in other areas.

If you’ve had a lift surgery procedure (Like a body lift or tummy tuck), you need to keep your weight to a stable range. Doing this will help avoid stretching your skin again and eventually nullifying the improvements you have worked so hard to achieve.  Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are the best ways of maintaining your body contouring results – in addition, doing so will help you feel great and improve your overall health.