Lusting After Pipino’s Wife

“Lusting After Pipino’s Wife” at Theatre 68 in the NoHo Arts District extends to April 19!

It’s New York in the 80s. A couple of pals, one a restaurant owner, the other a shoe salesman, spend their free time sitting around, sipping whisky and talking about women…. It could be cliche but “Lusting After Pipino’s Wife” is far, far from that.  The play stuns with wonderfully quirky and clever dialogue, the kind of conversations you can usually only overhear waiting in line somewhere and then later repeat with incredulity as “you couldn’t write this stuff.” 

Pipinos Wife 0051
Cast (L-R): Katy Jacoby and Alexis Brandt

Vinnie is a restaurant owner and self-proclaimed guru of love, whose daily puzzle is why female rejection is so often his companion and Patsy, his friend and yes that is his given name, cluelessly wonders why following Vinnie’s advice never seems to work out for him. 

It also follows the angst of Rita and Lorraine, roommates and confidants.  Rita is actually dating Patsy, much to Lorraine’s disdain, and although Rita seems happy, Lorraine continues to undermine her relationship while she careens from one weird sexual encounter to another, all the while hurdling towards mental breakdown…while still being manically hilarious. 

“Lusting After Pipino’s Wife” is a highly regarded and long-running, Off Broadway show. A sunnier Mamet, a wry and rapid take on the distance between the sexes and the panic of feeling alone. 

This is a play about relationships, the search for them, the fear of them and ultimately the destruction of them.  Vinnie handles rejection like a toddler, Patsy is a romantic trapped in a doofus.  Rita is looking for fulfilment through love, which is always a mistake, and Lorraine is struggling with her sexual identity…literally all over the place. 

Pipinos Wife 1149
Cast (L-R):  Danny Cistone & Alexis Brandt

The scenes are short, relentless vignettes of wry one-liners and comical situations in search of life-changing solutions.  The dialogue is riddled with the kind of phrases that seem so familiar because this play has been pinched from a million times…believe me.

The performances are all superb and just about the best I have seen in a very long time in NoHo. 

Theatre 68’s new digs give them a bigger and brighter stage to do what they have always done so well…entertain with heart and humor and more than a little twisted love for the crazy in all of us. 

Oh, and the music is fantastic. I am an 80s girl so my toes were tapping and my hips were wiggling in my seat…from Michael Jackson to Madonna and Springsteen and beyond, classics that pulled me right back to that time in my life when everyone was looking for love and we all just wanted to have fun.

I highly recommend “Lusting After Pipino’s Wife.”  

Theatre 68
5112 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, 91601


Written by Sam Henry Kass

Produced and Directed by Ronnie Marmo

Assistant Director, Vena Tolomanoska

Set Design by Danny Cistone

Lighting Design by Aaron Craig


The Brilliant Cast 

Vinnie – Ronnie Marmo

Patsy – Danny Cistone

Lorraine – Katy Jacoby

Rita – Alexis Brandt

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.