Lucinda Belle “I’ll Be Loving You”

With the charm and gentle humor of The Ink Spots and the dulcet tones of Etta James, Lucinda Belle is a thoroughly unique and timeless talent.

A goddess of the harp and song, she began her career as a child prodigy, a classical harpist in the U.K.’s National Children’s Orchestra.  She has worked with the likes of Annie Lenox, Natalie Cole and the Pet Shop Boys, quite an eclectic mix to be sure.  But then sweet musical surprise seems to be her resting pulse.

This song is a beautiful cinematic homage to smoke-filled clubs, too-tight dresses and swinging blues bands filling dance floors with a wild mix of music lovers to the wee small hours.  Recorded live at London’s Toe Rag Studio with their 8 track, 50s recording studio, no digital nonsense, giving it a rarefied, joyous bounce and a shine as authentic as Lucinda.  It feels real, it feels fresh, it feels reverential but not stogy.  This is no rehash of some take on an old song, no.  “I’ll Be Loving You” has the simplicity of Vera Lynn singing to our hearts and the sweet, warm tones of Sam Cook singing from his soul.

Lucinda Belle is a true artist.  Her song “Going Nowhere” was nominated for an Oscar in 2015 for the film “For No Good Reason” with Johnny Depp and she has performed with the Punch Drunk Theatre Company.  She shows no desire to limit herself or curtail her boundaries – and for that we should be grateful!

“I’ll Be Loving You” is her first release from her second album, “Think Big: Like Me.”  Having conquered the U.K., this album is a nod to the iconic American songbook and this single a perfect opening act.

This rather gorgeous video perfectly captures her playful nature and lets the glorious music speak for itself.

Personally, I can’t wait for the album…

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