NoHo News. The NoHo Card App. Hollywood Fringe Starts! Adopt Foxy Rayo. The Seafood Shop Gourmet & Charcuterie. What show do YOU want to see?
NoHo News. The NoHo Card App. Hollywood Fringe Starts! Adopt Foxy Rayo. The Seafood Shop Gourmet & Charcuterie. What show do YOU want to see?

The NOHO Arts District has its own special discount program.  Fifty five local
businesses offering discounts to NoHo Card members.  Download the app get the app
or go to and print a card or load it to your cell. Explore the NOHO
Arts District with discounts for restaurants, theatres, acting/dance and yoga classes,
movies, theatres, clothing stores and a lot more.  What makes NoHo Card special is
that you can use your NOHO Card as many times as you like for the same discount at
the same place.  And the NOHO Card is FREE.

NOHO is getting busy again, the theatres are open, the classes are back, the
restaurants and bars are buzzing! We want to remind you just how vibrant and unique a
neighborhood we are lucky enough to live in. So let’s spend an imaginary day together
in NOHO.

How about beginning your NOHO day with breakfast at the wonderful City Kitchen,
maybe a naughty Mimosa at 15% off. All that deliciousness will get you ready for a
dance class at HEART at MKM Cultural Center, or if you need to rest after your
imbibement, meditate a little at the lovely NOHO Park and pop in to the historic NoHo
Library for a book or two. Attend a book club meeting or a reading, they even have
children’s activities! Once you’ve indulged your brain and got a little exercise, time for
lunch at Pitfire Pizza. Enjoy this locals’ favorite outdoor cafe and watch the NoHo world
go by. Or walk down to Tamashii’s for potstickers or their signature Ramen.

Satisfy your shopping urges at our unique NoHo shops like Kathy E’s Vintage Shop, and
Iguana Vintage Clothing. Pick up some new make-up from Nigels Beauty supply or
check out the instruments and music lessons at Bass Exchange, or buy a comic book at
Collector’s Paradise.

Stop in at NOHO Plaza, see what local musicians or poets are performing, or maybe an
artist, or a photographer is at work.

If you have a spare hour or so, how about taking an acting class with Actors Workout
and the brilliant Fran Montano who has been in NoHo for over 25 years. Or if comedy is
your thing, an improv class with LPN Studios.

All this activity has made you hungry for Dinner, Brews Bros has great food, live music
and is a fun local hangout. Meet some friends and play a game of pool!

Night time is NOHO Theatre time and we are spoiled for choice! Up and down
Lankershim or Magnolia there are always plays available. Walk down to Zombie Joe’s
Underground Theatre (ZJU), The Sherry on Magnolia always has something interesting.
The Road Theatre Company on Magnolia is world renown, a new play at The Loft on
Camarrillo, or there’s the El Portal Theatre for a huge variety of entertainment. Don’t
forget GRT on Burbank too! Or you can always go to Laemmle Theatre for a movie.
Aren’t we lucky to have our own independent movie house!

Now to end a perfect day, trot on over to the Federal Bar to unwind and listen to the
great music they have indoors and outdoors. The food is also delicious, I love their
sliders, their Mac ‘n cheese is amazing and they even have a great vegan burger with
vegan cheese on it!

NOHO is one of the most walkable cities in Los Angeles. It’s a real neighborhood, full of
artists and performers and creatives. You can use your NOHO discount card in almost
every business in NOHO. Every penny counts these days and shopping local is always
the key to savings as well as a really direct way to keep our NOHO alive and vibrant
and full of life. Advocating for our local businesses by spending your hard earned
money there is a vital and important way to support our very special NoHo
neighborhood. See you in NOHO folks!