Lost in Los Angeles | Aurèle Ricard

Aurèle Ricard Lost in Los Angeles exhibit at Athenessa LA Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Athenessa LA Gallery.

Aurèle Ricard’s solo exhibition debut in L.A., Lost in Los Angeles, premieres at the Athenessa LA Gallery.

Owned by Vanessa Virag, Athenessa LA Gallery is a relatively new, contemporary art gallery. Located on La Brea avenue, Athenessa LA Gallery hosts distinguished and reputable contemporary artists from around the world. Athenessa LA Gallery not only exhibits international artists, but likewise represents and manages artists.

Aurèle Ricard, who goes by the artistic moniker of Aurèle Lost Dog, is a French artist who has gained a following from his bull terrier sculptures.

Aurèle’s bull terriers are representative of the current state of mankind: wandering, charming, yet dangerous at the same time.

For more than 25 years, Aurèle has been honing his craft to urge humanity to action; without mobilization in the face of epidemics, climate catastrophe, and political exorbitance, the globe will march towards inequity and overconsumption.

Born in 1963, Aurèle’s work can be summed up with a singular word: Action. With an overall portfolio theme of action and engagement, Aurèle encourages fighting at every turn. However, Aurèle encourages fighting in the sense of mobilization. Mobilization against excess, exclusion, war, are all embodied in the imposing (yet charming) bull terrier dogs. This encouraged fight takes also a higher meaning still: Aurèle sees life as a fight – a fight for life as well as art.

While the Lost Dog motif sculptures are traditionally massive in scale, Aurèle has scaled down the Lost Dogs for the L.A. debut.

Originating in France, Aurèle now has global installations, and can add this Los Angeles solo show to his accomplishments.

Athenessa LA Gallery selected no better an artist to embody Athenessa LA Gallery’s spirit: action and perseverance, despite all the challenges both life and the pandemic has presented.

Aurèle Ricard exhibit Lost in Los Angeles at Athenessa LA Gallery.
Aurèle Ricard exhibit Lost in Los Angeles at Athenessa LA Gallery.


Aurèle Ricard Lost in Los Angeles exhibit at Athenessa LA Gallery.


Athnessa LA Gallery
616 South LA Brea Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90036


April 19, 2021 – May 31, 2021
Tuesday – Sunday
10am – 4pm

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