Los Angeles City Council Declares September 17 As ‘Squid Game Day’

Los Angeles City Council Declares September 17 As ‘Squid Game Day’
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Squid Game, a Korean drama, broke records by gaining a massive global viewership after its release on September 17, 2021. This film, created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, exposes viewers to an exhilarating survival contest involving 456 players with financial hardships. These players are forced to risk their lives by playing a deadly children’s game to win a $ 35 million reward.

The idea that created this great movie was inspired by Hwang’s economic struggles. To date, Squid Game remains the most streamed series on Netflix, as people seem not to get enough of it. It also became the first Korean series to attain the number one spot on Netflix in the US, despite the language barrier that would have limited its circulation in Western countries.

Awards and Nominations

Since its release, Squid Game has garnered immense acclaim from critics and has received numerous award wins and nominations. The show’s phenomenal success is reflected in its extensive collection of awards, including four prestigious SAG Award nominations, three triumphant Screen Actors Guild Awards, two notable Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards, and a prestigious Golden Globe Award.

‘Squid Game Day’ in Los Angeles

Apart from making waves in the film industry, Squid Game will also be celebrated annually in Los Angeles. This came after Korean-American congressman John Lee, who hails from Los Angeles, honored the show by announcing that the city council had passed a resolution to recognize September 17 as Squid Game Day. This decision was reached after a discovery of how Korean Pop culture continues to influence the USA.

On this special day, devoted fans of the show will come together to commemorate its impact and significance on our lives today. It is a day that not only honors the show itself but also serves as an opportunity for individuals to explore new and challenging games that demand strategic thinking and informed decision-making for success. Some great games to try out include role-playing and online casino games such as poker. Fortunately, if you would like to play poker, you can get expert-drafted poker guides, reviews, news & strategy at Tight Poker. This site includes all the terms and rules on how to excel at this game. Moreover, it provides links to the best online poker sites that have the best variations and great deals.

The Significance of Squid Game Day

Although the Squid Game drama is about an exhilarating game, the competition is thrilling as each of the 456 players is fighting for his life and a brighter financial future. Most viewers resonated with the players’ situation, which makes the nature of this dangerous game appealing. 

According to Councilman Lee, Squid Game enhanced the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) representation in the entertainment and film community, exposing American and global audiences to Korean traditions and cultures. This has created the path for other AAPI communities to tell their stories. The decision to mark the Squid Game Day on the calendar will ensure South Asian Talent is recognized in the mainstream media.


The Squid Game Day is a big deal for AAPI communities, the film and entertainment industry, and Los Angeles residents. It will teach South Asian Cultures to other Americans, regardless of their cultural backgrounds. 

To mark this special day, the Los Angeles City Council organized a grand ceremony on September 9, right in front of City Hall. Notable figures from the entertainment industry and local government, including esteemed guests, were present to honor the occasion and celebrate Squid Game Day in Los Angeles. Their participation highlighted the significance and cultural impact of the event.

Final Thoughts

The success of the Squid Game has proved that any impressive creation can transcend the limits of the language barrier and spread globally. The milestone achieved by this film has motivated Americans to explore movies from other cultures and regions in search of new experiences. The commemoration of Squid Game Day in Los Angeles will bring Korean and other Asian cultures to the limelight for many people to explore. It will also give more people the chance to learn new languages, cultures, and traditions of the South Asian people.