“London Suite” at The Group Rep

A review of Neil Simon’s “London Suite” at The Group Rep
A review of Neil Simon’s “London Suite” at The Group Rep

A review of Neil Simon’s “London Suite” at The Group Rep running through October 24.

How delicious of the Group Rep to open their new season, in their entirely refurbished and quite beautiful theatre, with an absolute classic – the iconic Neil Simon’s “London Suite.”

Four acts, separate plays really, all set in one lavish suite in a top London hotel. “London Suite” is a fabulous play created by Neil Simon to complete the triptych of his “Plaza Suite” and “California Suite.”  He lovingly returns to the insanity of man…and woman. How we behave when not at home, what disasters can overcome us, what memories can be evoked, and how intimate a hotel can really be.

Act 1

“Settling Accounts”

A Welsh novelist, confronts his wayward accountant at the airport, about to board a flight to Argentina with a one-way ticket in one hand and several hundred thousand pounds in cash in a briefcase in the other.  After persuading him, at the tip of his revolver, to accompany him back to his suite, we discover the brutal truth of his lost fortune.

A review of Neil Simon’s “London Suite” at The Group Rep
“Settling Accounts” -L-R Neil Thompson, Paul Cady. Photo by Doug Engalla.

“Going Home”

A mother and daughter on a shopping trip to London from New York reconnect and their sweet and hilarious relationship tenderly unfolds.

A review of Neil Simon’s “London Suite” at The Group Rep
“Going Home” – L-R Janet Wood, Joelle Arqueros. Photo by Doug Engalla.

Act II

“Diana & Sidney”

A long-divorced couple reunite. She, a famous and very successful actress is still deeply in love with her ex-husband, even though he is gay and with someone else. He needs money, she would give him anything.

A review of Neil Simon’s “London Suite” at The Group Rep
“Diana and Sidney” – L-R Doug Haverty, Susan Priver. Photo by Doug Engalla.

“The Man on the Floor”

A young couple on a lavish trip to London with tickets to Wimbledon encounter one disaster after another. Including lost said Wimbledon tickets, finding themselves in the wrong suite and a slipped disc to top all slipped discs. 

A review of Neil Simon’s “London Suite” at The Group Rep
“The Man on the Floor” – CW from L Fox Carney, Michele Schultz,Beccy Quinn, Sal Valletta, Christian Land. Photo by Doug Engalla.

All four plays are performed with precision, passion and skill and if the audience is anything to go by, to great success.  Everyone was superb and speaking as an English person, the accents were really pretty bloody good!  I also have to say that the set is absolute perfection!!

I love the Group Rep. They have such a passion for the theatre. You can sense that every fiber of their being is fully committed to and utterly in love with the stage.  Why else would they bring such a brazenly lovable play back to us all when we have been so starved of live performances for so long?  They chose well. You can’t really go wrong with anything by Neil Simon and “London Suite” gives them a perfect opportunity to dust off their accents, dial up the camp and play Beatles songs with abandon!

Please go and see Neil Simon’s “London Suite” at The Group Rep. It made me laugh out loud, hard, and don’t we all need that more than ever right now!! Let us support what theatres still remain and especially The Group Rep who soldiered on bravely through these past couple of years, creating outdoor plays and recreating themselves in the process.  The show is running through October 24, so you have no excuse to miss it!!!


Neil Simon’s “London Suite” at The Group Rep.


September 17 through October 24


The Lonny Chapman Theatre
10900 Burbank Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601




Featuring the talents of Bita Arefnia, Joelle Arqueros, Raquel Brooks, Barbara Brownell, Paul Cady, Fox Carney, Doug Haverty, Christian Land, Diane Linder, Sherry Michaels, Susan Priver, Beccy Quinn, Michael Robb, Michele Schultz, Neil Thompson, Sal Valletta, Sascha Vanderslik, Chris Winfield and Janet Wood.

Production/Creative Team

Director Doug Engalla, Producer Alyson York, Stage Manager John Ledley, Assistant Director Bita Arefnia, Original Music by Marc Antonio Pritchett, Set Design by Haverty/Emmett, Lighting Design by Douglas Gabrielle, Costume Design by Angela M. Eads, Sound Design by Steve Shaw, Props by Joseph Marcelo, Promotional Video & Photography by Doug Engalla, and Online Marketing by Kristin Stancato.