Livestream Your Show!


Los Angeles is a theatre town. Really. In just NoHo alone there are 20 theatres in one square mile. NoHo would NOT be an arts district without its theatres – the highest concentration of theatres outside of New York City, by the way. But we work with so many theatres all over L.A., including our beloved Valley. Theatre is everywhere in Los Angeles. Now, more than ever, we need to show our support for this art form because it branches into so many parts of our lives.  The Whitefire Theatre is taking advantage of technology to bring shows to a wider audience with their livestreams. And you too can be a part of it, as a performer and a patron.

“We are now booking slots to livestream your show from the Whitefire Theatre with no audience,” says Whitefire Theatre artistic director Bryan Rasmussen. “If you have a non-equity solo event (stand up, music, performance art, and of course solo theatre shows), please contact me ASAP and I’ll give you more information.”

This is a great opportunity to  keep performing through this quarantine (safely) to a worldwide audience!

Why are you streaming shows?

We actually have been streaming for quite a while at the Whitefire. I’ve always believed that live streaming is an important part of a live theatre experience. We have recently streamed over 40 of the Solofest solo shows that we just finished at the Whitefire. Our festival is now the second largest in the United States having over 80 shows done in 90 days.

What are the benefits to shows?

The biggest benefit is getting a wider audience for the shows which in turn supplies a chance for the soloist to spread their story and actually have a stream of income for that. The challenge has been to shoot it well and have the sound and picture quality be high enough and has taken some adjustments. Certainly, the technology in the last few years has really enabled our situation to work extremely well. Our perspective of a front row center one is of the upmost importance for the viewer experience.

What’s the loss if we don’t all participate in the arts?

The loss of the arts is beyond comprehension. It is a devastating one to even think about. So instead of worrying about that possibility I’m trying to avoid it by seeing the positive aspect of this kind of technology in the creation of art.

How do performers/producers get in touch with you? or 818-687-8559

How does the audience log in to see a show?

By going to half hour before showtime buying a ticket and viewing the show live on!

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