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Lindsay Guion’s Tips for Building Relationships with Clients as a Personal Manager

Working with celebrities is often seen as a dream job that most people would metaphorically kill for. And although this may be a dream position for some, positions managing and working with celebrities are often much more demanding than anticipated.

Take a personal manager, Lindsay Guion, for example, who also happens to be the Founder, CEO, and Global Chairman of GUION PARTNERS. As the manager of quite a few high-profile individuals from the field of art, music, and more, he is a prime example of what someone who would like to obtain this position should strive to achieve. 

First, according to Mr. Guion, getting a job as a personal manager is based on connections in the market that must be developed for years. This is because this profession is not built like any other due to the fact that there is no clear-cut career path. To put this into perspective, think about an average Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and how their career usually flows. First, they attend college and get their master’s degree in accounting. Then, they get the CPA certification and go work for one of the Big Four accounting firms. After three to five years, they will either downsize to a smaller company or pursue a partnership promotion at their current firm.

With personal managers, however, the only thing that is guaranteed is the time that one must spend learning how to navigate the market and manage people’s assets, schedules, and careers. So, how can these professionals build fruitful connections with their clients that will lead them to more opportunities?

Going Above and Beyond

As with every other profession, Lindsay Guion points out that personal managers are held to a high standard of loyalty and due care. For those unfamiliar, this means that they will be a reliable asset to their employer and must be dedicated to their success. In translation, making sure that the client is satisfied is one of the primary objectives of every personal manager. This is especially true for the ones that are just entering the field and still need to gain enough exposure to attract high-profile customers. 

Recognizing Talent

One of the main ways in which personal managers find celebrities to work with revolves around recruiting them as early as possible. This is why some of the most talented artists in the world had their agents long before they ever reached unprecedented levels of fame. The reason why is that managers play a crucial role in launching someone’s career and helping them establish their reputation. Well, to ensure that this process is handled smoothly, it is crucial that the manager knows how to locate talent and works hard to develop it properly. 

Understanding the Market

One of the most impactful and tangible skills that celebrity managers possess is their seemingly limitless knowledge of the market. For instance, they are the ones who can help their artists and clients figure out what rates they should be charging for their projects, how to set those projects up, who to contact, and much more. After all, the level of one’s success is highly related to their attention to detail. This is particularly true for the entertainment industry where everything must be carefully planned and analyzed before any actions take place. 

Thus, the managers will come into play and help their clients make important decisions that can impact their careers. A real-life example would be a music artist having a concert. Although the public will mostly focus on the thousands of people who might be in attendance, the managers are the ones that have to figure out all the logistics and back-end dealings related to the project. Hence why saying that a celebrity will only be as successful as their manager is resourceful is fairly accurate.