Linards Zarins “Good Thing” Single Release

Linards Zarins was born in Latvia and is now based in Spain but his music is clearly made for the world.

This track, “Good Thing,” is the perfect summer hit.  Full of heartache, twinkly guitar riffs and catchy, beautiful production, Zarins uses his gorgeous voice – sweet, pure but with just the right amount of husky- to convince he just can’t live without love…and it works!

I’m a sucker for romantic summery songs, reminding us of what is important and worth sticking around for.

He’s a rising star in Europe and this track shows us why.  He’s cute of course, but he’s also the real deal as a songwriter and a performer.  Working hard over the years to make his way and establish himself with covers, he’s now perfectly poised to storm the charts with “Good Thing.”

His voice is soulful and strong, it has heart and substance. I hear Justin Timberlake, George Michael and Ed Sheeran sure, but Zarins has his own voice and something to say. And with a name like a superhero from another planet lets hope earth takes notice!!!

Love this song!!