Lighting; how important is it?

We all know lighting is important for seeing and doing things in general. But did you know there are three basic types of lighting?

They are task, ambient and accent lighting. Most of us think of task and accent lighting to be one in the same. But there are a few differences in the way they are used.

For example, task lighting is just that. It lights a task.

Be it on a desk, on a side table or even over the kitchen island, it provides general lighting for daily routines. Imagine trying to read a book or prepare a meal with little or no task lights or even getting ready for work in the bathroom. It would be virtually impossible. But let’s not confuse task with accent lighting. Accent lighting provides additional light to areas of a space which might be out of the way. You might have a console in the entry or an upstairs hall you like to have illuminated or even a special piece of art. It provides a nice soft light to keep you out of the dark.

Now we have ambient lighting.

This is usually a chandelier, recessed lighting or even sconces. Lights on a dimmer can help created a mood or atmosphere needed for just the right dinner party or even a dinner for two. It helps with an overall lighting of a space.

So remember this when you are trying to create a lighting plan for your space.