Let’s Not Say Goodbye to a NoHo Mural

Can we save a NoHo mural?

We have a new mural in the NoHo Arts District that is in jeopardy of being whitewashed. Artist Ladie One was asked to create a mural off Lankershim and Hesby on a wall that was constantly being tagged. The actual owner of the building wants it whitewashed. Can we show support for Ladie One’s artwork and actually save it from being destroyed? You can also see Ladie One on the new Oxygen Network show “Street Art Throwdown,” which premieres February 3, 2015 at 9PM ET.

Do you support this art mural? Do you support the creation of more art commissions in North Hollywood? If so, here’s how you can help.

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We asked Ladie One some questions about the mural and her background.

Why did you do the mural?

I chose to do the mural on Lankershim and Hesby because it was a perfect location and right in the heart of the NoHo Arts District! I recently started a personal program of mine called “NoHo Art Wallz” regulating more legal walls for artists in the NoHo Arts District. You can learn more about the program at WWW.LADIEONE.COM 

Ladie One NoHo Mural www.nohoartsdistrict.com

So you, the mural and NoHo are going to be on TV?

L.A. Street Art Gallery did a feature and interview on me during the whole mural process for their website and for the promotion of the new TV series on Oxygen. I am a part of a show called “Street Art Throwdown,” which premieres February 3rd, 2015.

What’s the subject matter of the mural?

The Mural is Japanese inspired with a cherry blossom tree, bamboo trees and a geisha doll, which is me. I named the mural “Ladie One the Geisha Doll.” I am very fascinated with Japanese and Asian culture as I toured all over China in 2013 for three months. The Street Art frequencies and drips along the top portion of the mural represents a higher consciousness and vibration, something in which I hope to inspire in people by opening their minds and hearts to Street Art and Graffiti culture.

Why are you asked to whitewash the mural?

I was asked about a week after I completed the mural to whitewash the whole thing. The landlord of the building was not aware that the salon owner gave me permission to create the mural and when he saw the Graffiti art he did not appreciate it as an art form so he told her to have it removed. This completely saddened me because Graffiti as an art form saved me as a young girl from gangs and bad environments and has changed my life completely. So when someone still looks at it as a form vandalism or as non- artistic, it just inspires me to bring awareness to the public that it is an art form and is relevant to our generation.

Well Ladie One is a talented lady, that’s for sure. In addition to being a talented visual artist, she’s also an accomplished dancer who is exploring aditional creative avenues here in the NoHo Arts District.

Ladie One has been a professional B-girl for 10 years and a Graffiti artist for the past 12 years. She has traveled the world painting, competing and winning in countries including the US, Canada, China, Slovakia, Ukraine, UK, Singapore, Spain, and the Netherlands. She was initiated into one of the most respected all female hip-hop crews called Heartbreakerz in 2010, with whom she now travels and competes. The Heartbreakerz are a world-wide crew consisting of 23 women in the hip-hop culture, including emcees, dee-jays, graffiti and street artists, performance artists and B-girls.

At the age of 20, she made a decision to leave her college in Miami where she was studying nursing and move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream in the arts. She was then signed to Talent Agency MSA, Flipz ENT, and Shatto Proof Models and has now danced for known Spanish Ttelevision networks such as Telemundo and Univision. She has danced in national commercials such as Galpin Auto Sports, Adidas, Nike, Bratz Dollz, Vlado, Lipton Tea, and Pop Water. Ladie One is featured in music videos and live performances for artists such as KRS- One, Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, E-40, Young Jeezy, Cody Wise, Kreayshawn, and Baby Bash. She has also been featured in upcoming television and film pilots Such as RayJ’s “The Joint,” “Dance Girls” and Oxygen’s new TV show ” Street Art Throwdown” premiering February 3rd, 2015. She landed a lead role in the new motion picture “Breakin” and co starred in “Breaking Til Dawn.”

She has been featured in many art shows and expos and continues to spread her love for her artwork through workshops and summer camps teaching kids from all ages. She has many big upcoming projects and hopes to keep pursing all she is passionate about. She recently started “NoHo Art Wallz” in the winter of 2014, regulating more legal walls for Street and Graffiti artists in the North Hollywood Arts District.


She has made a career and living off of her graffiti artwork, make-up artistry and dancing. Ladie One works as a free-lance make-up artist when she’s in L.A. She’s been doing make-up professionally for nine years. She works make-up in film, music videos, weddings and photoshoots. She’s worked for actors and aArtists such as Kuba Ka, Oh Blimey, Henry Simmons, Jeanette Samano, Brooklyn Jai, Jenny Dailey, Elana Kluner, Natalie Romero and many more. She has also been very successful working as a model and actress in Los Angeles as well. Her new hobby is working with aerial silks and circus work. She is launching her new make-up Line “Ladie One Cosmetics” sometime this upcoming year.


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