Les Nubians’ “Princesses Nubiennes”


We’re Listening to Les Nubians (since 1998).

When Apple Music takes over and starts shuffling random songs from years of your music collection, you get lots of musical treats. Each song has a memory, a feeling. Walking the streets of NoHo trying to clear the mind, “Princess Nubienne” from Les Nubians came on. It made me stop, take a deep breath and let the tears of joy fall. This CD, with my Sony Discman, was my European escape music during the early 2000s. Walking through the streets of Rome, Naples, Paris, Barcelona, Santorini, I was always accompanied by the melodic voices of Chad-French sisters Hélène and Célia Faussart guiding me along. The LP is smooth, jazzy, with soft-strong blends of pop beats and just a groovy R&B feel that makes you body roll.

What songs bring you back to a happy time? Find them and put them on repeat!

Here are my favorites.

“Princess Nubienne”


“Tabou” – an ode to Sade.

Let’s say lots of positive thoughts to the universe that, once the COVID19 mayhem ceases, Hélène and Célia will come to L.A. In the meantime, follow them on their socials:


Keep making music that moves us… even if it’s in our pajamas.