Las Kellies “Closer”


We’re listening to Las Kellies “Closer” from their new album “Suck This Tangerine” via Firerecords. The title is befitting for these insane times. Yes, we want to get closer but we just can’t. We were hooked on the song’s 1985 throwback feel and infectious bass line. (Pun fully and unapologetically intended.)

“Closer” is a pop song with funk by post-punk Argentine duo Cecilia Kelly and Silvina Costa. It’s like a melodic combo of grit and sparkle. It gives you 80s vibes, with the hip-popping percussion blended with ornamental guitar trills and jabs. That’s the grit, the dance beat that grabs us from the first note. Las Kellies’ light, effervescent voices play over the deep bass and poking guitar riffs, and that’s the song’s sparkle.

“Closer” simply makes us move. Thanks for giving us a slice of 80s nostalgia and some melodic joy, Las Kellies.

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Keep making music that moves us… even if it’s in our pajamas.

Lisa Bianconi
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