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{youtube}mn8HFmf43pM{/youtube} is dedicated to promoting local musicians/bands.  Sarah D caught our attention!  Here is what she has to say…. 

What made you decide to come to LA?

I’ve always wanted to be in LA since I could remember. I would come often to train in dancing during the summer but it wasn’t until I saw a music school in Hollywood that I really wanted to go to that has allowed me to stay out here as long as I have. I absolutely love it here and I plan on staying as long as possible to do what I do best and that’s singing, writing, dancing and entertaining. 

What challenges did you face moving to US?

There were numerous challenges. Moving overseas is definitely not for everyone. The main challenge is keeping in touch with friends and family back home due to time differences and everyone has their own lives. Therefore, at times you can feel a little lonely and homesick. But I’m really glad to know I have many other friends out here in the same position as me, being far from loved ones and we love to stick together as we can relate to some of these challenges. 

How did you meet Wilton Felder Sr and Jeff Silbar?

I met Jeff through an Australian friend of mine who was looking for a demo singer for a song he and Jeff wrote. I was fairly new to the States and didn’t really know who he was until I did my research later! Just goes to show, you have to be professional in every circumstance as you may not even know who you’re working with!! 

Wilton Felder Sr I met and worked with during a show I was asked to do by a friend of mine. It was a one night special concert in Long Beach and was a lot of fun working with such an exceptional musician. 

What advice would you give young performing artists

Some great advice I’ve been told over and over by a number of people is to stick with the things you do and do it with love. Everything is a process and the ones who make it are the ones who stick with it with their whole heart and soul. There’s no shortcuts to any place worth going! 

When do you play at Republic of Pie?

I try to play at Republic Of Pie at least once a month, sometimes it’s more. I’m hooked on this place. Everyone who works there is super friendly, the chefs are great cooks and often spoil me after my shows! They’re very sweet. I’ll be playing my next show at Republic Of Pie on May 21 from 7pm to 8pm. 

Tell us about your new EP and how to download it.

I’ve released my independently funded EP that is now out everywhere online and for purchase at all my gigs and concerts. It contains 5 different, uptempo, Pop/Rock driven songs enveloped in cheerful dance friendly beats that are most comparable to Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J and Katy Perry. I strived to make the EP empowering for listeners and something that’s danceable. 

You can purchase the EP via iTunes or CD baby:


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