L.A. Artists Find New Rhythm with Differio Leggings for Men

Differio's workout leggings for men
Differio's workout leggings for men.

Los Angeles is one of the largest U.S. metropolitan cities with a population of approximately four million people, many of whom work (or aspire to work) in the arts, entertainment and media.

Among these four million residents, 87% exercise at least once a week, making L.A. the most physically active city in the U.S. according to Mindbody’s 2020 Fitness Trend Report. On top of staying active, L.A. also ranked as one of healthiest cities in the U.S. with 47% of the population fulfilling their daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. In other words, it’s not difficult to run into a local fitness enthusiast in L.A. who owns at least one pair of designer workout leggings for men. 

In fact, recent findings from Differio USA’s top online men’s clothing store showed that a majority of their male customers based in the SoCal region are ordering, and reordering, trendy men’s activewear styles, especially meggings. Within the last year, Differio’s annual sales report disclosed an increase in orders containing workout leggings for men with a majority of shipments delivered to California, particularly Los Angeles, followed by New York, Florida, and Washington, D.C.

Of all men’s activewear styles now trending, it might seem peculiar that workout leggings for men are today’s hot ticket item compared to men’s joggers and sweatpants, but changing online consumer trends prove otherwise.

According to a consumer report by F-trend, online searches for “zip leggings” are up by 76% within the last three months; searches for “yoga leggings” are up by 36% monthly, as well as a 26% rise in cycling culture (e.g. biker-style compression shorts).

Men are not only outgrowing the stigma of wearing skin-tight men’s leggings in public, but they’re demanding fashionable streetwear meggings that support busy lifestyles.

While most fitness apparel brands focus on producing men’s compression pants for purely function and form, Differio’s men’s leggings are streamlined in fashion-meets-performance styles that resonate with an artistic demographic, very much like L.A.’s performing arts community. You won’t find men’s workout leggings simply enhanced with pockets or zippers. Instead, male shoppers can sort through meggings with body-boosting panels, mixed-material accents, expressive slogans, and vibrant patterns. Unlike meggings trends from the early 00s that remained rather neutral, today’s men’s fashion leggings are flooding Fashion Week with luxe latex materials and highly saturated hues. 

Naturally, these unique workout leggings for men have been incorporated in creative concepts beyond basic exercise, such as music videos, stage performances, and editorial photoshoots. Being based in New York City, Differio is accustomed to working with clients, models, artists, affiliates, and the like involved in the performing arts and entertainment industry. With an especially unique product offering, they’ve attracted a cult-like following amongst male singers and dancers that seek trendy men’s clothing styles that won’t fall flat under stage lights or behind a camera. 

Differio’s workout meggings-leggings for men.

For dedicated performing artists, activewear is so much more than just a pair of men’s athletic tights to support stretch and stability.

As trivial as it may seem, men’s leggings can serve as a form of self-expression, whether it’s worn for breakdancing or ballroom dancing. Essentially, this penchant for art is what makes Los Angeles so different from any other fitness-conscious city in America.

As the $69 billion U.S. activewear industry continues to grow, everyone’s trying to get their share of the American dream, but that also involves listening to changing trends in active neighborhoods like NoHo. More importantly, rising male artists around the world now have access to a trendy men’s fashion source, from male leggings to mesh tank tops, that supports the ever-changing performing arts industry.