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Happy Lunar New Year! We wish you and your family a prosperous Year of the OX – a year full of happiness and good health. – Colin from Tamashii Ramen, NoHo Arts District

What are your top three ramen dishes to help fight a cold in the cold months?

Tonkotsu Shio Ramen – The pork bone broth is high in collagen and will support joint health.

Chicken Ramen – The chicken broth is rich with vitamins and minerals, and it also helps to address the symptoms of the common cold.

Beef Ramen – We’ve added garlic, star anise, clover and cinnamon sticks to create a rich broth to increase bone strength.

Any vegan/vegetarian ramen options?

Yes, we do have vegetable broth and vegetarian noodle options – kale noodle, gluten free noodles and rice noodles.

What makes your ramen different?

All of our broths are cooked more than 14 hours. Everything is made from scratch and we don’t use MSG for our food, so you don’t feel thirsty when you slurp our broth.  (Slurping is a must!)

Tell us more about the ginger honey tea?

Our honey ginger tea is directly import from Korea. Korea has a long history of making ginger tea, and it is very important in their culture and cuisine. Ginger tea is not just a refreshing drink, it showers you with tons of health benefits. It can boost your immune system, and give you relief from nausea and indigestion. It’s said to be a weight-loss aid. Ginger tea is soothing hot or cold! You can get it to go as well.

What are some of the specials you have coming up for patio/al fresco dining?

As we enter into spring, what else is better than sitting down at our patio to enjoy a bowl of ramen? We recently added more dishes on our ‘Tamashii Steam” menu, such as “Har Gow” – shrimp dumpling, “Shiu Mai” -pork and shrimp dumpling, “Char Siu Bao” – bbq pork bun, and sticky rice wrapped with lotus leaf, and more. They are ordered to steam and are so fresh, like having ‘Yum Cha with Dim Sum” (tea and Dim Sum) in Hong Kong.

Is there something you’d like to highlight?

I would like to take this opportunity thank everyone, especially our neighbors, who havee supportd us and dined with us since we reopened our outdoor dining on January 29, 2021. iIt has been such a joy and pleasure seeing old and new faces again, and we really appreciate all your support!

Kung Hei Fat Choy! Happy Lunar New Year!

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