Kulak’s Woodshed

Kulak’s Woodshed

A message from Paul Kulak from the long-time music venue Kulak’s Woodshed.

Hi Folks,

I want to thank everyone for being part of the Kulak’s Woodshed music community all these years.

Sadly, however, our landlord recently passed away. He was the best landlord in the world to the Woodshed in many ways, and for 23 years, he only charged about a third of what this building is worth. Without him, Kulak’s Woodshed could never have been possible.

Since then, his estate has retained a property management company which has informed me that beginning June 1st, the Kulak’s Woodshed rent will be raised to its actual market value, tripling the price.

This is the greatest challenge the Woodshed has faced since I first opened in 1999.

Kulak’s Woodshed

But my mind is made up. I am totally determined to step up, make the adjustment, and somehow do whatever it takes to remain here in this building we’ve been amazingly fortunate to occupy.

So much incredible music has been made here. It’s kind of a miracle but the Woodshed is still here and I intend on keeping it that way for as long as possible. My thanks to all of the artists, patrons and volunteers. Without all of you it would just be a dream and a room full of stuff.

Over the years we’ve grown and evolved, while always staying affordable for singer-songwriters and performing artists, with our intimate multi-camera recording studio/venue, Pro Tools recording and live video webcasts.

We have so much to be thankful for. Thousands of singer songwriters, from beginners to Grammy winners have performed here with their friends, families and fans in attendance, where together, our little Woodshed continues to celebrate the love of music, creating countless wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

With this GoFundMe effort we hope to raise the first six months of the new additional monthly rent and the two month security deposit for a total of $20,500.

If you are able, please make a donation so that Kulak’s Woodshed can continue to celebrate singer songwriters for many more years to come here in this crazy lil’ labor of love.

Here is the link to the Kulak’s Woodshed fundraiser:



Paul Kulak


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