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Knot Free Productions Present “IN TROUSERS”

Book, Lyrics and Music by William Finn.  Directed by Ryan O’Connor.

“Love me for what I am, not what I try to be.  Love me for what I am, someone imperfectly me.”  — W. Finn

In this prequel to “March of the Falsettos” and “Falsettoland,” the fast paced “IN TROUSERS” at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood is a blast of original music from author and composer William Finn. 

These three pieces are known as the “Marvin Trilogy,” with “IN TROUSERS” focusing on his teen years and the realization that he prefers men to women.

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The three most important women in Marvin’s life are the focus here, and the “faster than a speeding bullet” music and lyrics bring us at the center of Marvin’s struggle and acceptance of his sexuality and identity.  The cast is extremely adept and accomplished with Braxton Molinaro as Marvin, Tal Fox as his wife, Michelle Lane as his teacher Miss Goldberg, and Lea Madda as his high school sweetheart.  They lead us up and down the stage, over and under each other, achieving success with each movement and brilliant musical talent.  Vocally they are superb, and they knock your socks off with Finn’s fast paced Operetta-like music, and with Ryan O’Connor’s artful direction.   We are left exuberant from it all.

With Marvin’s love for his teacher, Miss Goldberg, he confronts his confusion.  He reaches clarity as he moves from teacher, sweetheart and eventually to his wife with a 10-year marriage of convenience.  I felt a part of the play set on a small stage with a fantastic band behind the actors, led by conductor Jake Anthony on piano, Joe Martone on percussion, and Ethan Chiampas on bass.

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We are lucky to have this production at the Lounge theatre.  “IN TROUSERS” is rarely produced, and was originally written in 1979.  It is a must see for its music, the talented actors, and its message. 

Another great night of theatre for you to enjoy. 

Adult language and sexual content:  Ages 14+


Cast: Tal Fox, Michelle Lane, Lea Madda & Braxton Molinaro. Female Cover:  Brooke Van Grinsven

Musicians:  Conductor, Piano:  Jake Anthony;  Percussion: Joe Martone;  Bass:  Ethan Chiampas

Director:  Ryan O’Connor

Music Director:  Jake Anthony

Set Designer:  Corey Lynn Howe

Costume Designer:  Michael Mullen

Lighting Designer:  Gregory Crafts

Stage Manager:  Calliope Weisman

Publicity:  Nora Feldman

Producer:  Knot Free Productions

Lounge Theatre – Front Theatre

6201 Santa Monica Blvd

Hollywood 90038

Tickets:  $30;     https://introusersla.brownpapertickets.com/

Plays:  October 11  –  November 3, 2019

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm;    Sundays at 3 pm;

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.