Kiva Garber-Maikovska’s Dog Furs Fury

Kiva Garber-Maikovska’s Dog Furs Fury

Dog Furs Fury, despite its namesake, promises no dogs or fur. So don’t go looking for Petco stock photos. However, what Dog Furs Fury does promise is an original and emergent artist interested in texture, and who listens to where her work leads her in the moment.

Hosted by Galerie Le Croix (soon to be rebranded and with a new gallery space), Kiva Garber-Maikovska’s exhibition toys with texture, linework, and transformation both of media and earthly outlines. Garber-Maikovska’s work engages with culturally relevant expectations of lines, while still paying homage to images and delineations understood by humanity at large. To move away from the abstract, what I mean by playing with linework and expectations, is how a line becomes a signature, and the signature is merely a line recognized by an individual, and more deeply recognized by one or a set of individuals.

California native Kiva Garber-Maikovska searches constantly for new textures in her work. While she originally envisioned incorporating sculptures into the exhibition, she created her own, highly textured paper and made UV imprints upon it. The various-sized paper backdrops would have both overshadowed and overwhelmed any sculptures in the small A5 Galerie Le Croix space, and Garber-Maikovska’s editing eye will propel her deeper into the LA art world.

Unique and alert, Kiva Garber-Maikovska is an artist to watch on the LA horizon.

Artist: Kiva Garber-Maikovska

Exhibition: Dog Furs Fury

Where: 950 S. Raymond Ave #A5 Pasadena, CA 91105

When: June 29 – August 14, 2017

*Note: Galerie Le Croix’s A 5 space is difficult to find, so once you arrive at 950 S. Raymond Ave, consult one of the campus maps of the Art Center College of Design.