Kim Petras, Louis Tomlinson, Elle King

This week’s New Music Friday 11/11: Kim Petras, Louis
Kim Petras. This week’s New Music Friday 11/11: Kim Petras, Louis Tomlinson, Elle King.

This week’s New Music Friday 11/11: Kim Petras, Louis Tomlinson, Elle King.

Kim Petras – If Jesus Was a Rockstar (Republic)

Perhaps the most well-hidden gem of pop music was unleashed to mainstream audiences this year when Kim Petras’ and Sam Smith’s Unholy topped the charts around the world. Its catchy tune and forbidden-fruit-like lyrics left only one question – who is this amazing guest voice next to Smith?

Petras has been a household name in the LGBT+ community for quite a while now and it is lovely to see her spreading wings with her music across the world now. If Jesus Was a Rockstar unlocks a new era for the artist and leaves us guessing which path the (more commercial) Petras will embark on.

Louis Tomlinson – Faith In The Future (78/BMG)

Even though his 2020 Walls delivered both – artistically and commercially, none of the other four former members of One Direction have by far touched the heights that their comrade, Harry Styles has bursted to.

Exploring the themes of ping-pong love and general confusion, the record seems to be affected by too many different influences and lacks a common theme, making it sound dated and something you believe you’ve already heard before.

Lacking a clearly outstanding radio hit, Tomlinson continues to serve the former and current 1D fans with a record of fan-favorites.

Album highlights: Out of My System, Chicago

Elle King – Jersey Giant (RCA)

Who doesn’t remember King’s catchy 2014 hit Ex’s & Oh’san undeniable country banger finding listeners all over the world. After that came a bit of a pause for King – and thankfully so! Taking time to write her sophomore, 2018′ Shake The Spirit, which won her a firm place in country fans’ hearts and setting a high bar for herself, confirming her true quality and longevity as an artist.

Countless bops and country-star collaborations later, Elle seems to be getting ready for the release of her third studio album, and her first in four years. A lot has changed since King’s last full length and we’re ready to hear what she’s been up to.

Athena Skye – WOMAN MADE (Global Rockstar)

“I’m only 20something, but who’s counting…” Atlanta-born, London-based artist Athena Skye continues to climb the scene with a catchy gym-banger WOMAN MADE.

The alternative-sounding pop banger carries a lot of hit potential in itself while keeping its elusivity and personality. Released through a German label Global Rockstar, the world has never been more ready for fresh tunes from Skye.