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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution!

I challenge you to take charge of your health and wellness the moment you read this article. I know, I know, you’re thinking this is yet another New Year’s resolution article regarding fitness and losing weight and getting you excited about something you’ll do for about 3 weeks or so, and then life starts getting in the way, you’ll lose your momentum, and pretty soon it’s the next New Year and you’re making the same resolution to get in shape and lose weight.

This time it’s different. Here’s why..here’s how:

You are going to break up your health, fitness and wellness goals into Four segments: 1. Mind 2. Body 3. Nutrition 4. Community

For #1 Mind. You are going to commit to 3 days a week of mindfulness or meditating for at least 20 minutes per day. What this does is condition your mind and your energy to be able to deal with and overcome the obstacles and challenges that you will be facing in the up-coming new year. You’ll handle stressors better, tune into your hidden inner strengths better, and have a few “visions” of the greatness you can achieve along the way.


For #2 Body. You are going to commit to 3 days a week (minimum) of exercise for at least 40 minutes. Here’s the trick. If you are having a hectic day and can’t get the entire 40 minutes in..then break it up into two 20 minute segments. Who can’t squeeze in 20 minutes of SOMETHING PHYSICAL in the morning and then again in the evening? Even if it’s just walking in place…it’s at least something to keep the pattern of committment going!

For #3 Nutrition. You are going to commit to tracking your daily calories at least 3 times per week. You can use an online website, an App on a Smartphone, or the old fashion way of writing things down on a piece of paper. You see, going through life not counting calories is a bit like going through life never balancing your checkbook..you are going to veer way off course if you don’t track and balance and suffer the consequences. At the end of the day, despite all the fit tips on fat content, good carbs vs bad carbs, volumetrics, portion control..it really comes down to calories in vs. calories out. That’s it..not rocket science.

For #4 — Community. You are going to commit to helping others or giving back on a project or event at least 3 times next year. It could be a attending a community meeting, organizing a food drive, volunteering to be a Big Brother or Big Sister to a kid that has lost a parent..whatever it is you’ll become stronger and respect yourself more and that translates into respecting your own body and mind more to reach your fitness and health potential.

So there you have it! A roadmap for this new year..a foundation if you will, to take charge of your health and wellness and not just join a gym for a few weeks in January, but to reach your fullest potential while looking and feeling terrific. The next time you are watching TV, surfing the internet for things not important, or sleeping in and being lazy..think to yourself..could I be using this time for my Mind-Body-Nutrition-Community?



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