Keen Garrity “Get Big” Album Release

This Knoxville, Tennessee-based artist is an interesting mixture of dramatic vocal musicality, deep rock guitar and lyrical, romantic, whimsical, riveting songs.  Keen Garrity has a name like a shady character in a Dickensian novel and she seems to take that and run with it.  Kate Bush like, writing her own mind out in her songs. No nod to “what’s cool,” mercifully. She seems to conjure her own weird world with the flow of her words.

It’s gorgeously, warmly produced.  With soulful twists to the rock opera, surreal settings for her melodies, she pushes the alternative country form.  It’s interesting, melodramatic, powerful stuff.

Her voice is compelling and dark, the rhythms cult like and intense. It’s a meander through the mind of an artist with no hang ups on genre or expectations. You are never quite sure of what comes next. Each song connected to the next, but as dissimilar in a way as the books in our personal libraries.

I’m intrigued, I’ll admit it.  Keen Garrity has a presence and a slightly otherworldly rhyme to her.  This collection is purposeful and fun, full of foppery and camp, but sung with heart and passion.  I really like it. How wonderful, in fact, to have something so unique.  We all need more unique!!!  Bravo!!!

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