Joan Torres’s All Is Fused “Revolution” Album Release

From the very first track on the album, “Revolution,” it is clear that this is not your average jazz fusion record.

A wall of sound, a complex, spiraling blend of progressive rock, jazz and something otherworldl,y and then you are just as quickly onto something else entirely.

The rhythms transcend and the exquisite flavors of these superb musicians rise and fall as the tracks unfold and unfurl one deeply felt thought at a time.  Boy can these guys play!  I have to be honest and tell you that I do not listen to this kind of music often. It’s just not on my regular rotation. But I think that may change after absorbing this quite extraordinary album.

Torre’s is on a long path, his intention is to forge a career, to carefully and intentionally create a crafted and masterful body of work.  His music is technical, mathematical even, and yet it’s driven by passion and a deep connection to soul and to love.  You can hear the aching of his heart in the motion of the music and the musicians he surrounds himself with share his burdens and his bliss.  Music is about our lives, our loves and the very best parts of who we are as well as those other, darker parts of ourselves we dare not show the world.  It is poetry and it is prayer.  At its most successful, it is every thought in our heads and every feeling in our hearts. This album is a gorgeous testament to humans ability to shrug off the weariness of the world and to dance in the heavens….Absolutely LOVED it.

Music Videos

There Was You:

Producer: Joan Torres


Jonathan Suazo: Alto Sax

Gabriel Vicéns: Guitar

Sergio González: Guitar

Emanuel Rivera: Piano and Keyboards

Fernando García: Drums

Joan Torres: Bass

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  1. I am privileged to know Joan Torres – I’m even lucky enough to have played music with him. What a spot-on, totally perfect review of a great record and a genuinely excellent guy.

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