Jewellery Trends For Fall 2022

Jewellery Trends For Fall 2022
Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

When you think about jewellery, you don’t often think about it in relation to the seasons. It’s not quite clear why this is the case, however. Jewellery is as much a fashion statement as any other form of attire, and many people will wear alternate outfits and colours depending on the season it they are being worn in. 

There is no reason why jewellery shouldn’t be given the same treatment. There are plenty of ways you can change the jewellery you are wearing to match the season you are about to step into. All you need to do is have a look around and take note of the trends that are happening at the time. 

Now that fall is nearly upon us, it’s high time to look for autumn inspired jewellery pieces which will look perfect, no matter whether you are going on a night out on the town, or just a light autumnal walk in the nearest park.  To give you a bit of inspiration, here are a few design ideas that are doing the rounds in 2022:

Warmer Colours Are In

Warmer colours have been utilised more in 2022, but they are especially advised during the fall, as they can help to bring out the tone of your skin when the weather is getting a little colder. Although copper and gold are perfect for emanating a bit of a warmer feel, rose gold is also seeing a bit of a resurgence recently. This is something you should definitely take advantage of. After all, rose gold is essentially an amalgamation of both gold and copper, so its a great choice for anyone who wants the best of both worlds.

Take Into Account Higher Necklines

You should also be aware that it is likely you will be wearing higher necklines. In this way, long bouquet necklaces can be perfect for layering your jewellery on top of your clothes. Look for something slight and subtle. Even just a little bit of bling can create a big impact over a thick cotton jumper.

Holidays You Can Celebrate

There are plenty of holidays that take place in the fall, including thanksgiving, passover and the harvest, so it can be a good idea to celebrate these holidays with some specific designs. The Israeli Centre Of Judaica has some great jewellery concepts for the Jewish holidays, while holidays such as thanksgiving and harvest are often commemorated with green, red and brown coloured gemstones.

Pearls Are Back In Trend

If we’re talking about the most prominent trends in 2022, then the pearl renaissance should not be understated. If you are familiar with the world of fashion, you may have seen the pearl rearing its head over the last year, and the fall is a perfect time to start wearing it yourself. As mentioned previously, it’s always a good idea to go a bit more minimal for this holiday and let the jewellery piece do the talking. In this way, the pearl is the ultimate, minimalist fashion statement you can make this year.