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Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT’s “Cygnus X-1”

Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT’s “Cygnus X-1”
Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT “Cygnus X-1”

Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT’s “Cygnus X-1” is an eclectic jazz fusion sound with a distinctly electronic cyber ska rock edge.

Weirdly, it works. This single is a 15-minute wild ride through the universe in Jeff Novotny’s mind. Amazing drums bring you back to earth while the spiraling keys and gurgling grindings are totally space alien.

Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT “Cygnus X-1”
Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT “Cygnus X-1”

Pieces of this remind me of Stevie Wonder, other pieces of Dave Brubeck, Georgio Moroder, The Beatles. It’s electronic and organic, melodic and tectonic, with musical elements entwined with radio waves and melancholy emotional soundscapes.  Jeff Novotny has written and produced music for jazz groups, solo piano, concert bands, orchestra, and electronic music.  This massive range is fully functional to this intrepid futuristic yet still deeply nostalgic sound.

However, Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT “Cygnus X-1” is not your usual release. But, I have been watching a lot of 80s music documentaries lately and this would have been totally in place back then.  A bit Gary Nueman, a bit OMD, a bit Joy Division.  

In amongst all the excitement are beautiful, thoughtful harmonies and melodic twists and turns, telling a story of emergence, creation, confusion and purpose. 

Really, it’s all very, very clever and rather thrilling.  Particularly if you give it all your attention. Lie down, close your eyes, put on your Metropolis headphones, and give in to it.  Amazing. And strangely moving.  You can’t really dance to it, but you can evolve!!  Loved it!!!

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Jeff Novotny: programming, sound design

Engel Solomon: additional sound design

Jason Kendall: saxophone

Jeff Muzerolle: drums    

Producer: Jeff Novotny

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

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