Ivy Sole “You Don’t Know My Name”

We’re listening to Ivy Sole’s single “You Don’t Know My Name” from her debut album “Eden”…and so should you.

Ivy Sole – love her name. Sole means sun/sunny in Italian. You hear her spoken word background in every song whether she sings or raps. Her melodic voice tells stories over soulful tracks. Ivy is like a ray of sunshine in a musical world of the same-old-same-old, meaningless, trite, gray music.

Watch out, Ivy Sole is bringing meaning and story telling back to music.

She released her second album “East” and third album “West” this year but we are still fixated on her debut album “Eden.” We are still savoring her musical stories because they are just that good.

If we were forced to pick a favorite track from the “Eden” album it would be “You Don’t Know My Name” with the Alicia Keyes’ sample. Right out it brings us back to college and/or easier times singing Alicia Keyes…off key. The sample does its job and sets the initial mood, the mood to sway and think of good times – something we all need nowadays.

But it’s definitely Ivy’s voice and lyrics that guide our mood to groove and reminisce.


The song is nostalgic: Meet at the stacks, English 233, freshman year, you used to call me on my house phone, hang out after school at the mall, you rock at double dutch, puppy love… But what’s interesting is the song is from a dude’s perspective from now, college days and way back in the day.

Ivy Sole’s name definitely fits her. Her music is like you’re listening to sunshine rays of spoken word. Get to know Ivy Sole at @ivysole on all social media.

Keep making music that makes us move.

Lisa Bianconi
Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com