Ivan Beecroft “Liars, Freaks and Fools” Album Release

Progressive Rock with a solid twist of 80’ & 90’s retro.

An homage to all things working class, the passion, the struggles, the torments, the camaraderie, the joy and the feeling of spinning endlessly in place. 

This album is straight from its creators Ivan Beeman’s heart, the music full of echos of his childhood spent listening to Nirvana, Joy Division and The Clash.  All this music inspired him to self produce as well create sublime songs and he’s done an amazing job of both on this album.

The sound is rich, full of life, much of it mixed to sound live in fact.  There’s a lot of history here.  Love songs sung with his distinctive baritone rasp, songs that push against the machine, songs that harken back to his family, his city and the love of his friends.

Ivan was a Steel worker, a classic American working class hero, he writes about his experiences and pressures with the grace of a poet and the heart of warrior.  His fantastic musical abilities, he plays more instruments than I could name, give him the musicality necessary to rise above the oceans of independent rock music available right now.  He uses his gifts to write songs that mean something.  His social conscience is front and center in the album.  Together with sawing guitars, pounding drums, gorgeous and memorable melodies and great songs with powerful messages, full of purpose.

Great indie album, confident sound, passionately performed and brilliantly mixed…love it!!!!







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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.