It’s OK to love musicals now.

Why You Should Love New Musicals

Today’s musicals are pretty different than musicals of the past. Once upon a time it seemed like a musical couldn’t have any talking in it. Every line needed to be sung. And, while there are still musicals out there like this, there are also musicals like Pitch Perfect that have bucked the norm.

The bonus of most musicals is finding out that some of your favorite actors and actresses actually have great singing voices, as well. It makes you appreciate them all that much more.

Why Is Pitch Perfect So Popular

It’s likely that some genre fans will argue that Pitch Perfect is not a musical and should never be lumped into that category. However, when fifty percent of the film is full of people singing, it seems it has some right for the title.

Part of the popularity of this film franchise, now slated to have a third film according to recent news reports, is the choice of actors. People love young stars and the producers of this film just managed to pick some that people really like, like Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.

Pitch Perfect made acapella cool to many generations and sent people home from the theater singing in their cars. Other than the actors, it is also the musical choices that drew people in. After the popularity of the TV show Glee it’s no wonder this movie franchise is growing.

Other Recent Musicals

If you want to get more technical with musicals you can look at Into The Woods and Rock Of Ages. While both of these have gotten good and bad reviews, they both do justice to the genre.

The interesting twist on the fairy tales is enough to make anyone want to at least check out Into The Woods once. And those that are super fans of 80s rock will surely be singing along to all of the songs featured on Rock Of Ages.

Even the Disney franchise with their animated films are sticking with musicals and making both adults and children fall in love with new Princesses. Frozen is so popular that Christmastime brought Frozen events to malls all over.

How To Learn About New Musicals

According to, Pitch Perfect 2 is a great and funny sequel to the original. For people that love musicals, it can be great to find reviews online that help find the right one for your time and money. If it gets a bad review, you can save your money and wait until it’s on TV! Even if musicals aren’t your thing you may find the comedy or the romance worth the time when it comes to Pitch Perfect, Rock Of Ages, and even Into The Woods. There’s a little bit for everyone in each of those, although Rock Of Ages isn’t child friendly at all.

If you’re worried that you may start belting out tunes with the big screen when you go check out Pitch Perfect 2, and embarrass yourself, maybe you should wait for it to come out on video. Movies do go from theater to video much quicker these days, or you can watch it on OnDemand or Pay per View, and save your dignity.

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