It’s Never Too Late to Make A New Year’s Resolution

NoHo Seniors Share Their Goals and Resolutions For 2015

NoHo Senior Arts Colony

As the merriment of December comes to a close and the New Year swiftly approaches, many of us will begin to reflect on the upcoming year and what we hope to accomplish.

These goals and resolutions certainly vary among individuals, and range from personal to professional, but one thing always remains the same – These New Year’s resolutions represent a clean slate, an endless stream of possibilities, and a brief insight into what our futures can potentially hold.

At the NoHo Senior Arts Colony Apartments, many of the residents are eager for the possibilities the New Year will offer and have set the bar high with their 2015 resolutions.

Caroline McElroy, a resident of the community and one of the artists featured in the community’s latest professional art exhibition, plans on taking her artwork to new heights in 2015.

After a recent trip Paris, McElroy was inspired by the art, culture and beauty of the city. She traveled throughout the city with friend and fellow resident Angela McEwan, soaking up every ounce of what this spectacular place has to offer.

During this trip, McElroy was also able to establish a contact at one of the local museums. Now back in the states, her New Year’s resolution is to not let this contact go to waste, and has dreams of taking her artwork to Paris.

When we caught up with McElroy she explained, “It’s easy to let opportunities go, and not follow through, but the New Year is a perfect time to get back on track and set goals for yourself.”

“And that’s exactly what I’m doing. I am seizing this opportunity and making my dreams come true.”

McElroy is not the only one who has big goals for 2015, NoHo Senior Arts Colony residents Marc Mantell and Vicki Finn, have made their own goals, both striving to stay healthy and active in 2015.

Mantell, who has been a resident of the NoHo Senior Arts Colony since its opening, says he’s increased his daily physical and social activities tremendously since moving into the community, and spends his time interacting with friends and fellow residents. He plans to continue down this new path in 2015 enjoying the many classes that the NoHo Senior Arts Colony Apartments has to offer.

Vicki Finn, who relocated to this community from Florida, also has plans to stay healthy and active in 2015. She plans on adopting a healthier diet, and also kicking her habit of staying up late.

And still another NoHo Senior Arts Colony resident, Jacqueline Benoit, has set a very different and unique resolution for 2015 – to live simpler.

“I am going to live a lot lighter and clear all the debris out of my life,” Benoit explained. “Many of us tend to carry around a lot of material things that we simply don’t need, and that ultimately clutter our lives.” Benoit plans to focus on the important things in life, and will donate many of her clothes to a local woman’s shelter.

She also has goals of booking more auditions in 2015. The 84 year old actress is set to appear in the upcoming movie “Mall Cop 2,” and has already worked on Jimmy Kimmel Live and appeared in the TV show “Two Broke Girls” in the past. Benoit plans on continuing this acting streak in 2015, with the goal of booking additional parts.

A lot can be learned from our local seniors at the NoHo Senior Arts Colony Apartments, with the simple truth being that you’re never too old to make resolutions. Furthermore, it’s not the specific resolutions themselves that are important, but rather it’s the hope and promise for the future that they bring. These resolutions give all of us a brief insight into what our futures can potentially hold, and what we can accomplish when we really put our minds to it.

These residents represent that hope, and that it’s never too late to start chasing your dreams and making goals for the future.

About the NoHo Senior Arts Colony Apartments:
Apartments at NoHo Senior Arts Colony are now available for lease. The community is for adults age 62+ and features one-and two bedroom apartments. Art programs and social opportunities like the ones referenced above are available free of charge to our residents. The community also features on-site art openings, theatre previews and play readings by the professional Road Theatre Company. Whether you are an artist or simply take pleasure in the creativity of life, visit or call 855-399-5381. NOHO Senior Arts Colony is located at 10747 Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood, California.

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