It’s National Pit Bull Awareness Month…

It’s National Pit Bull Awareness Month…

So let’s honor our slobbering, gentle and much-maligned babies – the wonderful, intelligent and extremely loyal American Pitbull.

Why is it that Pit Bulls have the reputation of being more dangerous than other dogs?

Statistics tell us that Pit Bull type breeds account for just 7% of the dog bite fatalities in the US each year.  Rottweilers are more than double that and the majority of fatal attacks are from mixes and other breeds.  So you can blame the media for misrepresenting this fantastic breed and contributing to the appalling number of pit bulls in city animal shelters.

dogbites by breeds

I have never met a Pit Bull I haven’t loved and they can make the perfect family pet. 

I have owned Labs and German Shepherds, small dogs and big dogs and I always come back to the Pit.

There is something magical about their beautiful open faces and their love of people.  Their gentle and curious nature is a joy to be around.  If you treat them with the respect and care that all animals should be treated there is no reason not to trust them with your life…

I can write all day of stories of these amazing dogs, so easy to love, like the pit that saved a family from their house fire, or the pit that found a lost dementia patient, or the pit that saves a boy from being abducted, or dying in the night while his parents slept…

Here are some more heroic stories to make you cry and go down to your local pound and adopt your own muscly angel…

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  1. You made up those stats. Just look at the news and the photos of the perps. Search Facebook for attacks. And how utterly SICK of you to post this right after that little 7 year old boy was eaten alive yesterday.

  2. As somebody who is a Pit Bull attack victim, I make it my business to closely follow dog bite related fatalities independent of any biased source. I know for fact that the breed identification of dogs involved in fatalities generally comes from more than one source, usually starting with the owner, supported by family, friends, eye witnesses, first responders, law enforcement, animal control AND pictures of the dogs for the world to see so they can make their own determination as to breed.

    I would be very curious to see who is claiming to keep an accurate database that is so skewed from what other major, reputable sources are gathering to be absolutely unbelievable and what their credentials are as well as where they are getting their misinformation that so widely varies from that of authorities, owners, and others on scene.

    It is extremely rare for people to not know what kind of a dog they own as breed very much matters.

  3. Recently, a little boy was pulled over a fence and mutilated so badly by the two pit bulls behind it that first responders needed counseling.

    There is no need for “pit bull awareness” month. Everyone is aware of them. They make the headlines nearly every day for severely mangling people.

  4. Who in their right mind would allow their child to lie on that deadly animal??? All to spread lies and prove some misguided point. I hope that when your ugly dog turns it goes for you and not your child. IMBECILE!

  5. Nancy,
    Thank you for this article, so many people are misinformed about these wonderful dogs. I’ve owned 4 of them and they were wonderful dogs with me and my children. I’m hoping adopt another one soon once my local shelter has one. BTW I checked the stats in the chart and they come from a CDC study, so not made up. That same CDC study (a 20 year study) shows that over 70% of dog bite fatalities came from other types of dogs, not pit bulls.

  6. The only thing that makes a Pitbull dangerous, is the breeders and owners. Pitbulls were regarded as “nanny dogs,” and are loyal and gentle when bought from a reputable breeder and raised in the correct way. In fact, Dalamations are listed as a dangerous breed. Perhaps you live near neighbors who do not treat their pet with the love and respect it deserves. Perhaps you buy into the hysteria in the media. Either way, I’ve been bitten by a Jack Russel but never the pitbull.

    As for the image, I wouldn’t trust any dog with a child. Even a poodle. Get over yourselves.

  7. Sorry anyone has gotten hurt, especially by any type of dog. Growing up we rescued dogs and the majority were pitbulls. They all were neglected until they came to us. They took care of us in the end with love and lots of snuggles and cuddles. We can’t discount any breed and we should do our best to understand them. I say this even though I have a deep hatred for that gray little poodle with the stupid bows that bit my leg until I bled and the neighbor’s poodle mix dog (OFF LEASH) that ran over to my property and attacked my pitbull. The poodle is still alive and was unharmed by my girl even though I wanted to step on it. Please give love to any animal and adopt, don’t shop.

  8. “Pit bulls” (which by the way is not a breed but a generic description that can be applied to easily over 10 breeds which is why the statistics about them are always wrong).. are wonderful dogs. Judging literally 10+ million dogs because of a few bad apples is nonsense. Every year there are around 30 people killed by dogs, of all breeds, TOTAL. Where’s the rage for the 1,500+ children every year that are killed due to defective car seats not protecting them from accidents? Where’s the rage for the 50+ people every year killed by lightning? Where’s the rage for the 50+ people every year killed by bees? Where’s the rage for the 5,000+ people every year killed by bad medicine? And what about ladders, killing 10+ people every year? Where’s the rage for 30,000+ fatalities due to car accidents every year? What about the 25+ that die from poisonous snakes and spiders? And you complain about a few due to dogs? Ridiculous… and laughable. If there’s anything that is “good” in today’s world, it’s definitely dogs.