Is Telehealth the Answer to Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card?

Is Telehealth the Answer to Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card?
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When the global pandemic struck in the U.S. earlier in 2020, telemedicine proved to be an excellent solution. It facilitated effective and safe healthcare for individuals from afar. It also helped providers pool their resources. 

Many states now allow patients to have an MMJ doctor evaluate them through telehealth. This move is helping to maintain sales during the pandemic. It also saves MMJ patients from having to visit their doctors’ offices. The ability to use this method led to some calling for the continuation of this system. It also made getting a marijuana medical card easier.

Telehealth Gets Greenlight During Coronavirus Pandemic

Many states temporarily cleared providers for virtual cannabis visits via telehealth. The Oklahoma medical marijuana program, for example, allows for this service. This increased patient volume for many providers. It also provided care to thousands of people. Some people worry about the long-term consequences and safety of using this method, while others are embracing the new model.

Before COVID-19, few states allowed medical marijuana providers to use telemedicine. This includes appointments for initial consultations, patient education, certifications, and checkups. During the pandemic, some states deemed MMJ dispensaries essential businesses.

This is because most Americans had to stay at home due to lockdown. They also allow for varying extents of virtual marijuana visits. According to some providers and patients, this model meshes well with MMJ appointments. It allows for a seamless transition. This is because medical cannabis appointments rarely need a physical examination.

How Telehealth Is Helping Patients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Telehealth evaluations for prospective MMJ patients are ideal for a pandemic. As a patient, you will get an informed opinion from a qualified physician about your symptoms. You will also get a referral for a diagnostic test without having to visit your doctor’s office.

Medical marijuana is at the forefront of mainstream society. It also shows that the drug is essential. Even amid pandemic-related forced stay-at-home mandates and closures, medical marijuana operations remain operational. You may not be able to go to the movie with your significant other, but you can still stock up on some marijuana. A few years ago, anyone selling or growing marijuana faced the risk of arrest, prosecution, and jail. The marijuana industry is transforming at an unprecedented rate.

Getting a Medical Cannabis Card Online Through Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the virtual distribution of information and health-related services. This innovation is revolutionizing the medical industry, including the MMJ sector, connecting doctors and patients while getting rid of unnecessary costs. This includes those in the Oklahoma medical marijuana program. Individuals simply need an internet connection, a computer, and a medical necessity.

Many people view this method as a band-aid during a global crisis. This innovation is a more convenient and cost-effective way to access healthcare. It also saves time for people who do not want to wait for months for an in-person appointment. As of January 2021, those seeking MMJ evaluations can still use telehealth. This can change at any time. So, it is important to keep up to date on the most recent developments on this topic.