Investment Jobs You Can Start Today

investment opportunities

Become a Precious Metals Broker

It’s a fact that millions of consumers want to buy precious metals like gold and silver but have no idea where to find sellers. They often scope the internet looking for local dealers or brokers, but are often clueless about how to make their first buy. That’s where you come in. Working from home as a metals broker, you have to scout for clients, but if you live in a medium to large urban area, finding customers is relatively easy. The way you earn a profit is by selling for a fixed percentage or minimum dollar amount over the spot price of the metal. Startup costs can be as low as $1,000, which is what it costs to buy several ounces of silver. After you build up your capital, purchase one or more ounces of gold and expand your business.

Start a Day Trading Business

If you have a computer, an account with an online broker, and know how to do basic research, you can begin day trading right now. But a word of caution, that even if you are set on this niche as a career (and many people are), be sure to spend time getting up to speed on how to quickly place trade orders and get out of them just as fast. That’s because day trading calls for quick reactions. Plus, it helps if you choose just one or two companies to follow, spend about 20 hours on a simulator practicing, and begin slowly, perhaps only doing two or three trades per day at first. The good news is that you can review a day trading guide for beginners that will give you all the key concepts to get underway without missing any important points.

Build a Stock Picking Website

New investors are always looking for stock picks. Even though there are lots of websites out there that offer free picks, if you specialize in one area, like industrial companies or automotive stocks, you can find willing buyers for your information. The fastest way to begin is to write a half dozen in-depth reports about particular corporations in a niche and post them on your website. Later, you’ll be able to charge clients for tailor-made reports and monetize the site with ads and subscriptions.

Author: nohoarts