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Internet Security Software for Home: Choose Your Fighter


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Today, when we work much on the Internet, it is very important to protect personal data. The two most significant threats to any network are trojans and zero-day attacks that exploit all the vulnerabilities in the operating system. Both are often delivered via the Internet and infect the operating system with malicious files.

So, having powerful protection is now a must. The malware can destroy the entire system and puts your data at serious risk. That’s why you should think about getting a reliable Internet security software. We analyzed several popular solutions available on the market and provided a brief review. If you need more details, read our full Internet security software for home guide.

Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender IS is a comprehensive antivirus with Firewall and enhanced security level, which provides reliable protection against malware and encryptors. New adaptive scanning technology increases the speed and performance of your antivirus solution.

Key features


  • Comprehensive data protection against all modern threats: viruses, Internet worms, trojans, encryptors, zero-day exploits, rootkits, and spyware.
  • Active Threat Control. An innovative behavioral detection technology monitors applications and immediately blocks any suspicions activity.
  • Webcam security components will warn you when the application tries to access the camera and allows you to block this attempt.
  • Multi-layer protection from encryptors.
  • Strong phishing protection finds and blocks websites that are masked as safe to steal personal payment information, account passwords, and credit card numbers.
  • An effective fraud protection system notifies you when you try to visit fraudulent sites, such as online casinos, pornographic sites, financial pyramid sites, etc.
  • Safe Files component prevents unwanted changes to important files and protects them from encryptors and other types of threats.
  • Secure surfing.
  • Rescue Mode. When the app detects any threats, it reboots your computer into the recovery environment to clean up and delete the malicious changes.


  • Autopilot Mode. The software will implement all security solutions without interrupting the user with annoying alerts and dialog boxes. You do not have to set up or confirm anything.
  • Bitdefender Photon adapts to computer hardware and software to save resources and accelerate performance.
  • Cloud integration.
  • Bitdefender Profiles
  • Battery mode will optimize the display system settings, cooling system, updates, and Bluetooth connection.


  • Bitdefender Anti-Tracker blocks the malware that collects data and allows you to view and manage this information on every site you visit.
  • Safe and fast surfing.
  • Parental control will track your children’s network activity to make sure they are safe.
  • Two-way firewall.
  • Social networks protection against malicious links and threats on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media.
  • Password manager.
  • File shredder.

McAfee Internet Security

The software protects your computer and critical information with real-time antivirus and antispyware, a two-way firewall, web protection, and other powerful tools. McAfee Internet Security will detect and remove suspicious applications and various malware that affect your computer. Here are some test results.

Key features

  • Fast, complete, or custom scans to detect and delete viruses, spyware, and other threats.
  • Vulnerability Scanner searches for and installs the latest software updates for Windows and installed programs. It allows you to secure your computer and keep programs up to date.
  • Personal Firewall protects against intruders who could hack your computer or steal personal information and controls the information your computer sends and receives.
  • McAfee QuickClean helps to increase computer performance by allowing to delete unnecessary and temporary files.
  • McAfee Shredder permanently deletes files without the ability to restore them.
  • Automatic real-time updates to get the latest protection against the latest threats.
  • Real-time check instantly protects your computer in real-time from software viruses and other security threats by checking your files each time you use them.
  • Anti-Spam.
  • My Home Network allows viewing computers and devices connected to your network and troubleshoot security issues on computers that have McAfee software installed.
  • Scheduled scanning.
  • Quarantined and secure elements.
  • McAfee Web Advisor generates ratings and reports, informing you about the security of the sites you are going to visit.
  • Traffic Monitor.

Avira Internet Security Suite

It is an advanced antivirus solution that uses reliable and efficient cloud-based protection against all types of malware and Internet threats.

Key features

Computer Security

  • Award-winning protection against viruses, Internet worms, trojans, etc.
  • Cloud protection technology. Scanning of unknown files in real-time and detection of malware and exploits.
  • Artificial intelligence technologies. Unique machine learning algorithms help protect against even the latest threats.
  • Protection against encryptors. Detects and blocks trojans before they can encrypt files.
  • Protects your email. Protects unsecured and unencrypted email traffic.
  • Intelligent recovery system. Best-in-class technology to recover the damages caused by malware.
  • Self-protection. Prevent malware from modifying or disabling antivirus protection.
  • Protects your devices. Blocks malware interference on portable media when it is connected to your computer.
  • Enables management of the standard Windows Firewall.

Web protection

  • Web protection. Proactively blocks malicious and fraudulent sites.
  • Protects networks. Proactively scans network traffic and stops threats.
  • Protected online banking and online shopping.
  • Botnet protection technology. Prevention of hidden computer control by hackers.
  • Control of programs. Blocking suspicious behavior and controlling Windows system firewall activity.

Ease of use

  • Advanced protection with Software Updater for software and driver updates.
  • No ads. Work in the background.
  • Technical support via phone or email.
  • Device control. Device security management in the online control panel.
  • The Price Comparison module allows comparing prices while shopping online and save money when shopping.
  • Play mode. Disable optional alerts while watching movies or playing games.
  • Block tracking in your browser. Preventing online ad tracking.

These are one of the most popular and best Internet security software products. They are fast, secure, and do not need a lot of system resources. So, do not ignore the necessity to protect your computers and personal data and consider getting Internet security software for your devices.

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