International Moving: All You Need To Know About Packing

There’s no denying that when it comes to moving overseas, the only concern that can make you sleepless at night is thinking about packing. 

Whether you have lived in your present house for five months, five years or more, as you consider moving abroad be it temporarily or permanently, you are left scratching your head wondering how you are going to ship all that stuff.

While there are many international moving companies ready to help you out, ensuring everything gets packed properly, shipped and then received at your new house is exhausting to even think about.

Moving all your belongings can no doubt be a very daunting task. But that’s only when you decide to move everything.

You must only take the essentials and leave what you can. It’s a fact that a lot of goods will cost you more to transport them, instead of buying new ones on your arrival.

And if you are unsure what to leave behind, read the following article to find out.

Start with basic items


It is simply absurd to pack ten boxes with clothes you won’t even wear.

Consider the weather and climate in your destination country and only take the clothes that will be appropriate. Donate or sell all the extras that you don’t need or wear anymore.


Daily toiletries are normally cheap. So carry only a sufficient amount required for traveling.

For instance, use travel-size shampoos and body wash to reduce weight.

If there are any other basic items that you think you will need immediately upon your arrival then you can order them from the local shops in your new neighborhood to have them delivered at your doorstep. You will find this option much more feasible, fast and relatively inexpensive than carrying all your cleaning supplies and toiletries during the move.

Move on to other necessities

Other household items like electronic appliances, furniture, and various miscellanies should mostly be left behind.

It may sound shocking to you at first. But do some research about the cost of shipping bulky items like furniture versus the cost of buying new ones upon your arrival and you are most likely to find the latter less expensive.

The same goes for electrical appliances as well. Besides, they probably won’t be compatible with the power outlets in the new country anyway. And if you want to carry along your laptop, computer and the likes, make sure to consult a technician for the right power adapters first.

Vehicles come last

It goes without saying that vehicles are a hassle to move. Not only is it expensive, but you will have to pay taxes and various duties and also take the car to the mechanic for alignment and other checks upon arrival.

Unless you excessively love your car or bike or if it is more costly to buy another in the new country it’s best that you sell it before moving.

Once you are done with this sorting, all that remains is to search for international moving companies and book your appointment with the best one.

Relax as they handle all the rest.

Happy moving!