Interior Design – Upholstered walls, the wallpaper alternative. Pt 1

Many times over the years, clients wanted to use something other than paint to jazz up a space. Most of the options or alternatives seem a little too permanent for some. But have you ever thought of upholstered walls? I bet not. So lets investigate this viable option.

One way to adhere the fabric to the wall is to use liquid starch. Yep, starch. It’s a simple process that lets you take it down without much mess or work. This process works well with lighter weight fabrics such as muslin, tulle or lightweight cotton.

First you’ll need the following tools; fabric, liquid starch, utility knife, plastic and or fabric drop cloths, masking tape.

Step #1 – Prepare your fabric

• Determine square yardage you’ll need (add 5%-10% just to be safe)
• Iron seams from fabric
• If fabric has a pattern, pre-cut several panels for matching

Step #2 – Attach your fabric

• Wash walls thoroughly
• Tape plastic drop cloth to baseboards and cover with fabric ones
• Using a sponge or paint roller, spread wall with liquid starch
• Starting in a top corner, press fabric to wall, rubbing with sponge to smooth it out
• Leave about an inch overlap at floor or baseboard level
• Use tacks if necessary to secure fabric while it dries
• When starch is dry, trim excess fabric with utility knife

Next article, I’ll explain another way to upholster your walls a more permanent way.